CCNP Wireless 300-360 WIDESIGN Practice Test Questions

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300-360 Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN) exam is one of the popular CCNP Wireless Certification test,Candidates who want to pass Cisco 300-360 Exam can get the latest CCNP Wireless 300-360 WIDESIGN Practice Test Questions for preparation from Passquestion, we ensure you can get the latest learning material to study and 100% pass your Cisco 300-360 easily in your first attempt.

CCNP Wireless 300-360 WIDESIGN Exam Description

Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN) exam (300-360) is a 90-minute, 60-70 question assessment that is associated with the CCNP Wireless certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of identifying customer and application requirements, applying predictive wireless design principles and conducting site surveys needed to design and optimize Enterprise wireless networks.

4 Cisco CCNP Wireless Certification Exams:

300-360 WIDESIGN exam - Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks
300-365 WIDEPLOY exam - Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks
300-370 WITSHOOT exam - Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Network
300-375 WISECURE exam - Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

CCNP Wireless 300-360 WIDESIGN Exam Topics

1.0 Obtaining Customer Requirements as Related to the WLAN Installation     12%
2.0 Determine Facility Type and Constraints Related to WLAN Deployments      12%
3.0 WLAN Predictive Design       14%
4.0 Pre-Deployment Site Survey        14%
5.0 Post-Deployment Site Survey          15%
6.0 Design the Infrastructure of the Wireless Network        15%
7.0 Describe and Design Wireless Architecture for Real time Applications      18%

Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-360 Sample Questions:

1.What is the Cisco-recommended cell overlap percentage for a typical RTowLAN network design?
A. 5 to 10
B. at least 20
C. a maximum of 20
D. at least 50
Answer: B

2.An engineer is shipping equipment, including a battery, for a wireless survey overseas. 
To ensure that it is accepted onto the aircraft, the battery must comply with which standard?
A. IATA non-restricted
Answer: B

3.A wireless consultant is deploying an outdoor mesh network. 
Which two factors must be considered? (Choose two.)
A. network connectivity
B. satellite dishes
C. buildings
D. traffic lights
E. mounting
Answer: AE

4.You are using Ekahau to plan a wireless network. 
Which unit of measurement is used by RF obstacles to show RF loss?
B. db
C. dBm
Answer: B

5.When a post-installation audit is performed with an auditing tool such as Ekahau, which three steps are associated with the passive portion of the audit? (Choose three)
A. Verify AP announced data rate coverage
B. Make sure you emulate your customer client
C. Survey by SSID to ensure roaming is taking place
D. Check that you have adequate signal levels as surveyed
E. verify that the network traffic of physical data rate and packet loss meets user requirements
F. Check for co-channel interference
Answer: ADF

6.A network engineer is designing a high-density wireless network. 
To optimize client performance and avoid interference, which configuration must the engineer use?
A. Deploy APs near each other for 2.4-GHz coverage, and disable the 5-GHz radios for some APs
B. Deploy APs near each other for 5-GHz coverage and disable the 2.4-GHz radios for some APs
C. Deploy APs near each other for 5-GHz coverage, and enable the 2.4-GHz radios for all APs
D. Deploy APs near each other for 2.4-GHz coverage, and disable the 5-GHz radios for all APs.
Answer: A

7.A wireless engineer is utilizing the voice readiness tool in Cisco Prime for a customer that wants to deploy cisco IP phones network inspected against
A. -72 to -65 dBm
B. -85 to -67 dBm
C. -85 to -65 dBm
D. -75 to -67 dBm
Answer: B

8.A customer wants to implement a wireless network in a historic location, but is concerned about the structural and aesthetic impact to the facility benefit of using wireless mesh addresses these concems?
A. PoE is required only at the installation location
B. The APs do not have LED lights
C. More wireless channels can be supported
D. APs need network connection
Answer: D

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