Check video below to see how our software works and the solutions to solve kinds of problems when you use our software.

1. When you download the software successfully from the download link in our email, you will get the following zip file, please make sure you have installed WinRAR in your computer to run our software.


2. Please extract the zip file and you will get the exacted file folder. There are three files and please keep the three files in the same folder. You also need to make sure your taskbar in always on the bottom of your screen.


3. After you click passquestion.exe, you will find the following window. For some special exams, we provide password to protect our products. The following H12-722-ENU is one the special exams. Please copy and send the serial number to us then we will generate the registration code for you. If your IP address changed or you install the software in other computer, the series number will change automatically, please send us new series number, we will give you new password. 


4. After you enter the password, you will get the following homepage of our software, there are two mode in our software, we suggest you go for Practice Mode firstly, then have a test in the Examination Mode.


5. After you close software, you will find the password has been recorded in a text file automatically, next time when you open your software, no need to enter the password again.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Livesupport or our email [email protected]