Updated CCIE Wireless 400-351 Practice Test Questions

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“CCIE Wireless Written Exam” also known as 400-351 exam,is a hot Cisco Certification test which covers all the knowledge points of the real 400-351 exam, Passquestion new updated CCIE Wireless 400-351 Practice Test Questions with 192 Q&As to help you well prepare,you are guaranteed to pass your Cisco 400-351 exam in your first attempt.

CCIE Wireless 400-351 Exam Information

Cisco CCIE Wireless Written Exam 400-351 is a two-hour test with 90−110 questions that assesses and validates wireless expertise at the highest level. Candidates who pass the CCIE Wireless written exam demonstrate broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking at enterprise level, including a solid understanding of wireless local area networking (WLAN) technologies, and the ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot complex wireless solutions.

400-351 Exam Topics To Be Included On The Exam

1.0 Plan and Design WLAN Technologies      16%
2.0 Configure and Troubleshoot the Network Infrastructure    12%
3.0 Configure and Troubleshoot an Autonomous Deployment Model     8%
4.0 Configure and Troubleshoot AireOS appliance, virtual, and Mobility Express controllers   18%
5.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Wireless Security & Identity Management with ISE   13%
6.0 Configure and Troubleshoot Prime Infrastructure and MSE/CMX     12%
7.0 Configure and Troubleshoot WLAN media and application services     11%
8.0 Evolving Technologies v1.1          10%

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1.Which AireOS release is the first to support New Mobility on the Cisco 2504 WLC?
A. 8.1.x
B. 7.6.x
C. 7.4.x
D. 8.0.x
Answer: B

2.VLAN Trunking Protocol is a Cisco protocol that propagates the definition of VLANs over the local area network.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. When Cisco switches are started from scratch, they are in server mode and their domain is set to null.
B. VTP transparent mode forwards VTP packets and can act as a client or a server.
C. VTP requires trunk mode interfaces to propagate.
D. VTP config revision increases based on switch uptime.
E. VTP requires access mode interfaces to propagate.
Answer: AC

3.Which three types of ACLs are supported by the Cisco 5760 WLC? (Choose three.)
A. Router ACLs.
B. VLAN ACLs (VLAN maps).
C. Port ACLs.
D. Switch port ACLs.
E. AP Radio ACL.
F. Router port ACLs.
Answer: ABC

4.Which three conditions can trigger a client exclusion policy? (Choose three.)
A. excessive 802.11 association failures
B. excessive 802.1x authentication failures
C. IP theft or IP reuse
D. excessive 802.11 probe request failures
E. excessive 802.1x authorization failures
F. excessive 802.11 packet retries
Answer: ABC

5.Which two statements about local profiling on a Cisco WLC running AireOS are true? (Choose two.)
A. Profiling is performed on IPv4 and IPv6 clients.
B. Wired clients behind the workgroup bridge are not profiled and no policy action is taken.
C. Wired clients behind the workgroup bridge are profiled and a policy action is taken.
D. Profiling is performed only on IPv4 clients.
E. When local profiling is enabled, RADIUS profiling is allowed.
Answer: BD

6.When your wireless client device roams from one AP to another on the same network, which IEEE protocol can be used to authenticate the clients faster?
A. 802.11k also called Predictive Based Roaming.
B. 802.11k also called Assisted Roaming.
C. 802.11r also called Predictive Based Roaming.
D. 802.11r also called Fast BSS Transition.
E. 802.11k also called Fast BSS Transition.
F. 802.11r also called Predictive Based Roaming.
Answer: B

7.Which two configurations are required on the Cisco 5760 WLC to ensure that APs will successfully join the Cisco WLC? (Choose two.)
A. Enableip dhcp snooping truston the wireless controller port-channel interface.
B. Activate the appropriate Right-to-Use AP license on the wireless LAN controller.
C. Ensure that Port-Fast is enabled on each access point switch port.
D. Ensure accurate configuration of the correct time and the date on the wireless LAN controller.
Answer: BD

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