Nutanix Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS) v6.7 Exam Questions

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If you are an IT professional and want to improve your career opportunities, then you should consider clearing the Nutanix Nutanix Certified Professional - Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS) 6.7 exam. PassQuestion provides the latest Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS) v6.7 Exam Questions to help you best prepare for your test. These questions are meticulously designed to cover all the key topics and nuances of the exam, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. If you are going through these Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS) v6.7 Exam Questions, then you will be able to get the desired results. This thorough preparation will equip you with the knowledge needed to pass the NCP-CI-AWS exam on your first attempt, thereby enhancing your credentials and career prospects significantly.

Nutanix Certified Professional - Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS)

The Nutanix Certified Professional - Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS) 6.7 exam will measure a candidate's ability to successfully plan, deploy, configure, and manage Nutanix Cloud Clusters within an AWS public cloud environment. Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of these skills and abilities. 

Successful candidates have approximately 2 years of general IT experience, 12 months of experience using Nutanix technologies, and 6 months of experience using the AWS public cloud provider. They are IT Administrators, Cloud Operators, DevOps/SysOps/NetOps Administrators, Cloud/Solution Architects, and Network Administrators/Engineers who need to manage or are interested in becoming certified in, Nutanix Cloud Clusters environments using the AWS public cloud platform. 

Exam Information

Format: 75 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions.
Time Limit: 120 minutes
Language: English
Pricing: $199 per attempt
Passing Score: 3000 (1000-6000)

NCP-CI-AWS Exam Section

Section 1 - Prepare the AWS cloud environment

  • Prepare the AWS cloud environment
  • Subscribe to the NC2 service
  • Determine implementation requirements
  • Identify networking requirement

Section 2 - Deploying an NC2 on AWS Environment

  • Deploy the cloud cluster
  • Configure cloud provider networking
  • Troubleshoot cluster deployment issues

Section 3 - Configuring an NC2 on AWS Environment

  • Configure cloud networking and security
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Section 4 - Managing an NC2 on AWS Environment

  • Identify management tasks for nodes and clusters
  • Monitor cluster and cloud resource health

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1. An administrator needs the permissions to create and manage multiple organizations and clusters in NC2, as well as manage user access for the entire company.
What role should be assigned to meet the minimum requirements of this task?
A. Organization Administrator
B. Customer Administrator
C. Customer Security Administrator
D. Cluster Administrator
Answer: B

2. Which address must AWS Directory Service be able to resolve when deploying a new NC2 cluster?
B. gateway-external-api. cloud,
Answer: B

3. Which two options are prerequisites for deploying an NC2 on AWS cluster? (Choose two.)
A. AWS Direct Connect
B. A valid CIDR range
C. A account
D. An on-premises Prism Central environment
Answer: B, C

4. An administrator seeks to ensure that the newly created NC2 organization named Finance can only deploy clusters into certain cloud regions.
What action should the administrator take to do this?
A. Configure RBAC roles on the Finance NC2 organization to allow access to regions.
B. Configure IAM permission in cloud accounts to restrict access to certain regions.
C. Open a support ticket with Nutanix to whitelist the allowed regions for the Finance NC2organization.
D. Specify allowed regions when configuring a cloud account for the Finance NC2 organization.
Answer: D

5. To manually create an AWS VPC with Public access to Prism Element for testing purposes, Which components must be created?
A. VPC, Delegated Subnets, Route Tables, NAT Gateway, Internet Gateway, Load balancer
B. VPC, Delegated Subnets, Route Tables, NAT Gateway, vNets, Load balancer
C. VPC Subnets Route Tables NAT Gateway, Internet Gateway, Load balancer
D. VPC Subnets Route subnets, Route Tables, NAT Gateway, Internet Gateway, VPN
Answer: A

6. Which interface must be used to deploy NC2?
A. Cloud Provider portal
B. NC2 Tile within the portal
C. Prism Central Dashboard
D. Foundation running in a Cloud Virtual Machine
Answer: B

7. An administrator needs to create user VM subnets for multiple NC2 clusters in AWS.
What would be the best approach to take?
A. Create guest-VM VNets for each cluster.
B. Use the cluster management subnet dedicated to each cluster.
C. Create guest-VM subnets to be shared by all clusters.
D. Create guest-VM subnets for each cluster.
Answer: D

8. An organization wants to control network traffic at the individual User VM (UVM) subnet level.
Which action will help achieve this goal?
A. Create a custom security group.
B. Modify the default UVM security group.
C. Modify the user management security group.
D. Modify the internal management security group.
Answer: A

9. Which two statements are the most accurate regarding Cluster Protect? (Choose two.)
A. An AWS subnet can be shared by VMs, Prism Central, and Multicloud Snapshort Technology (MST).
B. Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) is not required to be installed on User VMs.
C. The dusters that are to be protected must be registered with the same instance of Prism Central.
D. The Cluster Protect feature requires AOS version 6.7 or higher.
Answer: C, D

10. What role is needed to create a cluster?
A. Customer Administrator
B. Customer Security Administrator
C. Cluster Super Admin
D. Cluster Administrator
Answer: C

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