HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 H12-321_V1.0 Real Questions and Answers

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The latest HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 H12-321_V1.0 Real Questions and Answers are new cracked by PassQuestion team,it contains all the real questions and answers related with the new version objectives that you will find in the real exam. We assure you that if you prepare our HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 H12-321_V1.0 Real Questions and Answers carefully so you can pass your certification exam easily.You are recommended to go through our HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 H12-321_V1.0 Real Questions and Answers mutiple times.then you will be able to clear the H12-321_V1.0 HCIP-WLANCEWA V1.0 exam on the first attempt.

HCIP-WLAN Certification

Earning a HCIP-WLAN certification prove you have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of Huawei WLAN products and technologies, and the ability to use WLAN product to plan, design, deploy and optimize WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises.You will learn the knowledge of Constructing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises considering of security, high reliability, Mesh, Huawei BYOD(Bring You Own Device) solution, as well as general WLAN planning, detailed WLAN planning, WLAN design and WLAN optimization.It is recommended that you learn HCIA-WLAN in advance.

Exam Overview

Certification: HCIP-WLAN
Exam Code: H12-321
Language: CHS/ENU
Duration: 90 min
Pass Score/ Total Score: 600/1000

Exam Knowledge Points

1. Building a Foundation Enterprise WLAN 21%
2. Building a Security Enterprise WLAN 29%
3. Building a Movable Enterprise WLAN 12%
4. Building a Reliable Enterprise WLAN 15%
5. Building an Internet Enterprise WLAN 23%

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In a WLAN network, which of the following two types of packets does Spoof spoofing attack packets mainly include? (Multiple choice)
A. Broadcast type disassociation
B. Broadcast deauthentication
C. Disassociation of unicast frame disassociation
D. Deauthentication of unicast deauthentication frame
Answer: AB

Which of the following descriptions of the second Fresnel zone is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. Out of phase with point source
B. In phase with point source
C. Less than the first Fresnel zone
D. Greater than the first Fresnel zone
Answer: AD

In the WLAN network, which of the following illegal attack detection requires the support of the dynamic blacklist function? (Multiple choice)
A. Flood attack detection
B. Spoof attack detection
C. Weak IV attack detection
D. Anti-brute force cracking
Answer: AD

Which of the following belong to the role of the Mesh network? (Multiple choice)
Answer: ABC

Regarding the trigger mechanism of 802.1x authentication, which of the following descriptions are correct?  (Multiple choice)
A. 802.1x authentication trigger can only be initiated by the client
B. 802.1x authentication cannot be initiated by authentication devices (such as 802.1x switches)
C. 802.1x client can trigger authentication in multicast or broadcast mode
D. The authentication device can trigger authentication in multicast or unicast mode
Answer: CD

In the WLAN Layer 2 networking environment, which of the following methods can be used by the AP to discover the AC? (Multiple choice)
A. Multicast
B. Unicast
C. Broadcast
D. Anycast
Answer: BC

Which of the following authentication methods can be used for user information synchronized by the Agile Controller? (Multiple choice)
A. Portal authentication
B. 802.1x authentication
C. Agile Controller login authentication
D. MAC bypass authentication
Answer: AB

Compared with 802.1X authentication, what are the advantages of Portal authentication? (Multiple choice)
A. Portal can be used for dumb terminal access scenarios
B. Portal authentication is more suitable for temporary visitors to the network
C. Portal authentication does not require the installation of client software
D. Portal authentication is compatible with MAC bypass authentication
Answer: ABCD

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