H19-311-ENU HCPA-Data Center Facility Certification Questions

  Edina  09-18-2020

H19-311-ENU Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate- Data Center Facility exam is the English version of HCPA-Data Center Facility Certification. PassQuestion provides the latest H19-311-ENU HCPA-Data Center Facility Certification Questions which cover the real H19-311-ENU exam topics to ensure you pass Huawei H19-311-ENU exam successfully.We guarantee you can feel full confidence to take your real HCPA-Data Center Facility H19-311-ENU exam and pass in a high score.

HCPA-Data Center Facility Certification Overview

HCPA-Data Center Facility certification is targeted at the pre-sales of Huawei enterprise data center facility solutions.

HCPA-Data Center Facility certification curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following: UPS2000 series, UPS5000 series, SmartLi UPS, FusionModule1000A, FusionModule500, FusionModule800, FusionModule2000, FusionCol, solution configuration & quotation.

With HCPA-Data Center Facility certification, you demonstrate a good understanding of Huawei data center facility solutions and the requirements of customers.  What's more, you also demonstrate the data center facility solutions designing & configuration capability.

With engineers who are HCPA-Data Center Facility, enterprises are able to sell Huawei data center facility solutions, and can satisfy customer's requirements for data center facility.

Exam Content

HUAWEI UPS Training for UPS2000-A&G
UPS5000-H & SmartLi
Data Center Cooling Solution
FusionModule2000 5.0
FusionDC1000A  Prefabricated All-in-One DC Solutuion  (40ft-IT  Scenario)
UniSTAR SCT&eDesigner

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Which of the following modules can UPS5000-E online hot-swappable? (Multiple choices)
A. Power module
B. Control module
C. Bypass module
D. Power distribution module
Answer: ABC

What is the difference between UPS2000-G long delay model and standard model?
A. The battery type is different
B. The charging current is different
C. Whether to support an external charger
D. The battery voltage is different
Answer: B

Which components of UPS2000-G- (6K-20K) power supply system do support rack-mounted installation? (Multiple Choice)
A. Host
B. Battery Pack
C. Battery Holder
D. Battery box
Answer: AB

Which of the following statements are correct about the UPS5000-A smart battery management? (Multiple Choice)
A. Support battery hibernation
B. Support battery temperature compensation
C. Support switchover between equalized charging and float charging
D. Adjustable number of batteries
Answer: ABCD

Which of the following is not a configuration option of the 20-kVA UPS2000-G? ()
A. 4+0
B. 3+1
C. Dual-bus system
D. Battery string sharing
Answer: C

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