DES-1241 Practice Test Questions - Specialist - Platform Engineer,PowerStore Exam

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DES-1241 Exam Description - Specialist - Platform Engineer,PowerStore Exam

DES-1241 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Platform Engineer, PowerStore (DCS-PE) track. This exam focuses on installing and maintaining PowerStore storage arrays in open systems environments. The exam covers installation, cabling, maintenance, upgrades and basic troubleshooting.There are about 60 questions in real test, the time duration is 90 minutes. The pass score is 63.

Exam Topics Covered In DES-1241 Exam

PowerStore Concepts and Features 6%

PowerStore system and use cases
PowerStore system configuration and models
PowerStore architecture and hardware components
Accessing PowerStore reference documentation

PowerStore Installation 7%

PowerStore installation process
PowerStore racking considerations
Power and environmental requirements
Unpacking and racking tasks

PowerStore Cabling 10%

Front-end cabling
Back-end cabling
Power cabling

PowerStore Implementation 20%

PowerStore networks
Ethernet switching, network requirements, configuration options
Ethernet switching configuration process
Initial configuration steps
PowerStore licensing

PowerStore Maintenance 15%

Power control for maintenance procedures
ESD handling procedures
PowerStore CRUs and FRUs
Replacement procedures

Software Upgrades 12%

Types of software upgrades
Performing software non-disruptive upgrade
NDU operational steps
Hardware upgrades

Troubleshooting 30%

PowerStore hardware fault LEDs
Troubleshooting with LEDs
Troubleshooting with PowerStore Manager alerts
Troubleshooting with PSTCLI
Troubleshooting with the PowerStore node service port
Troubleshooting with PowerStore service scripts
Performing PowerStore data collection

View Online Specialist – Platform Engineer,PowerStore Exam DES-1241 Free Questions

1.What describes Dell EMC PowerStore X front-end cabling?
A. Uses internal VMware virtual switching and does not require a management network
B. Storage and management use the same LACP bonded cable connection
C. Uses VLTi data switch interconnectivity to support vMotion networks
D. Management and discovery use the same cables and connections as storage
Answer: C

2.Through which network do external hosts connect to the cluster for data access?
A. Management
D. Storage
Answer: D

3.A Storage Administrator is adding an appliance into an existing Dell EMC PowerStore T cluster.
What is different about the management network configuration for the new appliance compared to configuring an initial appliance for the cluster?
A. All the needed management IP addresses for the new appliance must be pre-configured on the cluster
B. Additional appliance does not require a cluster management IP address
C. Additional appliance inherits all its management IPs from the existing appliance
D. All the needed management IP addresses for the new appliance are auto-generated by the cluster
Answer: D

4.What describes the power requirements for Dell EMC PowerStore?
A. Lower model numbered systems require less AC line current than higher model numbered systems
B. T models require less total power than X models
C. X models require less total power than T models
D. Lower model numbered systems require less input voltage (VAC) than higher model numbered systems
Answer: A

5.What is the last step when adding a drive to a Dell EMC PowerStore system?
A. Verify the new drive is seen
B. Add the drive to the pool
C. Backup the keystore
D. Zero the drive
Answer: A

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