Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-370 Practice Test Questions

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Candidates who want to pass 300-370 Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks Exam can get the latest CCNP Wireless 300-370 Practice Test Questions for preparation from Passquestion, we ensure you can get the latest learning material to study and 100% pass your Cisco 300-370 Exam easily in your first attempt.

CCNP Wireless 300-370 Exam Basic Information

Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WITSHOOT) exam (300-370) is a 90-minute, 60-70 question assessment that is associated with the CCNP Wireless certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of troubleshooting and optimizing Enterprise wireless infrastructure and related services plus the tools and methodologies needed to identify and resolve client connectivity, performance, and RF issues.

300-370 WITSHOOT Exam Topics

1.0 Troubleshooting Methodology           10%
2.0 Troubleshoot AP Joining Issues       15%
3.0 Troubleshoot Client Connectivity Issues        20%
4.0 Identify and Locate RF Interferences       13%
5.0 Troubleshoot Client Performance Issues         17%
6.0 Identify Common Wired Infrastructure Issues Based on the Output From Common Troubleshooting Tools      15%
7.0 Troubleshoot WLC and AP High Availability Issues       10%

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1.A company consists of two adjacent buildings, each with its own Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller with APs joined to the controller in the building. The two controllers are configured identically except for interface IP addresses. Only one SSID is being used in both buildings. The clients in building A are not experiencing any connectivity issues, but (he clients in building B report poor
connections An engineer performs a site survey and finds co-channel interference, yet discovers mac Transmit Power Control was never performed on the APs and that Radio Resource
Management is not functioning like it does in building A Furthermore, the controllers are in the same RF group and controller A is elected RF leader.
Which action will improve client connections in building B?
A. Ensure WMM is enabled on the SSID.
B. Manually select controller B as RF group leader.
C. Configure controller B to be in a separate RF group.
D. Doable the low data rates on the a radio and the b/g radio in building B.
Answer: C

2.You have successfully configured HA and SSO using two Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers. You are able to access the Active Primary WLC but are unable to access the Secondary Standby WLC.
Which two methods will allow you to access the standby unit? (Choose two.)
A. Via SSH to the Redundancy Management Interface.
B. Via Service Port Interface.
C. Via SSH to the Management Interface.
D. Via console connection.
Answer: AD

3.While reviewing CleanAir data in Cisco Prime Infrastructure, an engineer notices that a wideband jammer is not sending its Interferer Security Trap correctly. The engineer determines that the default seventy level has been changed.
Which value does the engineer select to reset the seventy level to its factory setting?
A. informational
B. major
C. minor
D. warning
E. critical
Answer: D

4.An engineer is deploying a wireless infrastructure and must use Layer 2 discovery for access point association.
Which configuration meets this requirement?
A. Configure the Access Points and WLC management interface on the same VLAN.
B. Configure a DNS A RECORD to point to the controller.
C. Configure option 43 on The APs DHCP scope.
D. Configure the AP using a serial connection to indicate its controller.
Answer: A

5.In a cisco OfficeExtend environment, which encryption type n und between the access point and the mass LAW controller?
D. OpenSSL
Answer: A

6.Which visual cue accurately describes a characteristic of the zone of impact displayed in Cisco Prime Infrastructure?
A. The closer the cirlce is to blue, the more localized the impact is.
B. The smaller the circle, the more localized the impact is.
C. The larger the circle, the more severe the impact is.
D. The more translucent the circle is, the more localized the impact is.
Answer: B

7.An engineer has received an alarm on a wireless LAN controller and is unsure of its meaning. The engineer attempted to ping the wireless LAN controller interfaces.
Which troubleshooting methodology does this action demonstrate?
A. bottom-up
B. follow the path
C. shoot from the hip
D. top-down
E. divide and conquer
Answer: E

8.Which Cisco WLC debug command allows you to determine if the certificate process is failing in the CAPWAP messages?
A. debug pm pki enable
B. debug cert events enable
C. debug capwap events enable
D. debug capwap packet enable
E. debug capwap errors enable
Answer: A

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