Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM-001) Exam Questions

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Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM) Certification is ideal for management professionals who wish to gain an in depth understanding of the management of Information Technology in the modern corporation. PassQuestion offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM-001) Exam Questions. These resources are meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to ace your CITM-001 exam on the very first attempt. Investing in these valuable Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM-001) Exam Questions will undoubtedly yield immense benefits for IT professionals. It not only amplifies their knowledge base but also propels their career forward by providing them with a competitive edge in the IT industry. 

Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM)

The Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM) will review such key areas as corporate frameworks, software, databases, information systems, communications and management of personnel in relation to technology and from the point of view of the business manager. This Certification is ideal for management professionals who wish to gain an in depth understanding of the management of Information Technology in the modern corporation. The Certification is also ideal for those who would like to learn about the central role of Information Technology in today's workplace.

The Exam contains 80 Multiple Choice Questions and you must correctly answer 56 (56 out of 80 correct) to pass the exam. Exams are online and proctored based, using a webcam and a reliable internet connection exams can be taken anywhere and anytime. The total duration of the exam is 1 hour 30 minutes (90 Minutes).

Target Audience

This Certification is intended for individuals who have a need to understand the modern requirements and core competencies for managing IT in mission-critical environments. It delivers the fundamental knowledge, hands-on skills and managerial competencies required for the job.

Target Audience

  • IT Managers
  • Sales Consultants
  • Help Desk Manager and IT Marketing
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • General Manager IT
  • Assistant Director
  • Team Leader
  • Technical Storage Manager
  • Senior System Engineers
  • Systems Team Leaders

Exam Modules

Module 1 - Foundation
Module 2 – Understanding and Interpreting Information
Module 3 - Business Frameworks and Information Technology
Module 4 - Corporate IT Strategy
Module 5 - Management Control of Information
Module 6 - Information Technology and Globalization
Module 7 - Understanding Software and Database Technologies
Module 8 - Database Management
Module 9 - Building Information Systems

View Online Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM-001) Free Questions

1. Which methodology is basedon the notation of functions;programs consist of modules to meet functional requirements?
A. Structured Approach
B. Model Approach
C. Object-Oriented Approach
D. Transnational Approach
Answer: A

2. Which model extends the waterfall approach by recognizing thedifferent cycles?
A. Binding Model
B. Scrum Model
C. Six Sigma Model
D. Spiral Model
Answer: D

3. Which of the following virus is a script that attachesitself to a fileor template?
A. E-mail virus
B. Boot sector
C. Macro virus
D. Trojan horse
Answer: C

4.  _____________ occurs because the data we want may not be directlyunder the read-write heads.
A. Sequential delay
B. Rotational delay
C. Seek time
D. Collision time
Answer: B

5. Which term describes dormant code added to software andtriggered at a predetermined time or by a predetermined event?
A. Logic Bomb
B. Keylogger
C. Spam
D. Virus
Answer: A

6. Which type of knowledge is represented by facts?
A. Explicit Knowledge
B. Tactic Knowledge
C. Business Knowledge
D. Strategic Knowledge
Answer: A

7. Which of the following symbol represents flow of data in Data FlowDiagram?
A. Square
B. Rectangle
C. Arrow
D. Data Store
Answer: A

8. Which diagram consists of object types and relationships?
A. ER Diagram
B. Data Flow Diagram
C. Couple Diagram
D. Analytical Diagram
Answer: A

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