2020 Valid HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 H13-623 Training Material

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If you want to achieve HCIP-Storage certification,you need to pass 3 exams (H13-621,H13-622,H13-623) to get certified.It is recommended that you earn HCIA-Storage certification before going for HCIP-Storage path.If you have passed H13-621 and H13-622 exams, PassQuestion provides the valid HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 H13-623 Training Material which includes all the knowledge that must be mastered for the purpose of passing the H13-623 HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 exam. We ensure you can obtain your HCIP-Storage certification easily with the help of PassQuestion product.

HCIP-Storage Certification - Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Storage

HCIP-Storage Certification certify you master the knowledge and skills required for product technologies, plan and design, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting of Huawei Storage products. Be able to deploy and manage Huawei storage systems, as well as deploy and manage OceanStor backup system and OceanStor DR system.

h13-623 HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 Exam Overview

H13-623 HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 Exam Content

The HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 exam covers OceanStor backup solution and OceanStor DR solution technologies. Such as: Backup and DR solution technologies, Backup and DR solution planning and design, Backup and DR solution deployment, Backup and DR solution maintenance and troubleshooting, etc.

View Online HCIP-Storage-CDPS V4.0 H13-623 Free Questions

1.Which of the following statements about client deduplication is false?
A. At the source end, hash comparison and deduplication are implemented for the data blocks to be transmitted to the end.
B. Compared with media deduplication, client deduplication can save the transmission bandwidth.
C. Resources at the source end are consumed to implement deduplication.
D. Only new data blocks need to be transmitted to the target end. Information related to old data blocks does not need to be transmitted.
Answer: D

2.In the Huawei Active-Active DC Solution, SQL Server can provide services concurrently at both sites.
Answer: B

3.At which layers are the Active-Active DC Disaster Recovery Solution deployed? (Multiple Choice)
A. Active-active storage layer
B. Active-active database layer
C. Active-active web and application layers
D. Load balancing layer
E. File system layer
Answer: ABCD

4.In the Huawei Active-Active DR Solution, an application's peak write bandwidth is 10 MB's, average write bandwidth is 200 KB/s, average write I/O size is 4 KB, and the bandwidth usage is 70%.
In this scenario, how large bandwidth is required for deploying asynchronous remote replication for the application?
A. 10 MB/s
B. 200 KB/s
C. 2.23 MB/s
D. 114.3 Mbit/s
Answer: C

5.If a customer does not require high backup performance and the application type on production server is as the same as it on the management server, it is not necessary to deploy an independent media server in a data backup management system. Instead, a media server module can be installed together with a management server module on the same physical server.
Answer: A

6.Which types of deduplication are supported by the Huawei OceanStor All-In-One Backup Solution? (Multiple Choice)
A. Source-end deduplication
B. Target-end deduplication
C. Global deduplication
D. Parallel deduplication
Answer: AC

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