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Exam Name: Delta - Designing HPE Enterprise Storage and Backup Solutions

Updated: 2022-06-26

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Question No : 1

What is a business benefit of HPE hyper-converged system deployment?
A. lower latency
B. fewer choices
C. faster deployment
D. larger footprint
Answer: C

Question No : 2

A customer adds two new SFF 8O00 enclosures that are fully populated with nearline drives to an existing HPE 3PAR StoreSeiv 84D0 array. The old configuration consisted of fast class and nearline SAS drives in the 8000 SFF enclosure.
What should the customers engineer do to optimize their storage configuration?
A. Defrag the CPGs and run align-drive on their system
B. Run checkhealth on their system
C. Run tunesys on their system-
D. Run compactcpg for existing virtual volumes.
Answer: C

Question No : 3

Which type of networking switch handles both Ethernet and Fiber Channel traffic?
A. Converged
B. Virtual
C. edge
D. director
Answer: A

Question No : 4

A customer recently purchased an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 array and wants to implement a disk-based backup solution. Which HPE software license allows the customer to bypass traditional backup server-based processes and provides a programmable interface for scripting purposes?
A. HPE OneView
B. HPE StoreServ Rc
C. HPE StoreOnce RMC
D. HPE Flat Backup
Answer: C

Question No : 5

You need to configure an HPE 3PAR StoreServ to provide 16 Gb host connectivity, peer motion capabilities and FCoE/ISCSI. Which configuration accomplishes this?
A. HPE 3PAR 8400 2 node with 2-port iSCSI/FCoE and 4-port 16 Gbs Fiber Channel cards
B. HPE 3PAR S4QC 4-node with 2-pon iSCSi/FCoE and 4-port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel cards
C. HPE WAR 3200 2-node with 4-port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel cards
D. HPE 3PAR 8200 2-node wan 2-pon ISCSI/FCOE
Answer: A

Question No : 6

Your company leverages the HPE Renew Program to deliver an HPE 3PAR StoreServ demonstration unit to a potential customer looking for a block storage system to run an OLTP application. The customer estimates at least 20 TB of usable capacity and wants to use the existing 10 Gb/s iSCSI infrastructure. Low latency is important, but cost is also a concern.
What should you include in the demonstrate unit design to deliver the proof of concept?
A. (8) 460 MLC SSD Drives, (16) 1.2 TB SAS Drives, a two-port 10 Gb/s Ethernet adapter Adaptive Optimization license
B. (16) 920 GB MLC SSD Drives, configure AFC
C. (8) 2 TB NL Drives, a two-port 10 GB/s Ethernet adapter, File persona license, configure AFC
D. (6) 480 MLC SSD Drives. (16) 1.2 TB SAS Drives, two-port 10 GB/s iSCSI/FCoE adapter Adaptive Optimization license
Answer: D

Question No : 7

A customer requires a new HPE 3PAR Storeserv 8400-2N with the minimum number ol drive enclosures to support Enclosure HA with 96 k 1.2 TB 10 K SAS drives, as well as a physical service processor. The customer has their own data center racks with 9 U of space left for the new array.
What should you do to comply with the installation best practices?
A. Ask me customer to plan for an additional rack
B. Add a rack air flow optimization hit to the solution.
C. Install the array at the bottom or me rack
D. Move the service processor to a separate rack
Answer: D

Question No : 8

A customer runs several HPE 3PAR StoreServ systems using Data-at-Rest encryption. The customer wants to add an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 system to the storage pool and an external Key manager for all systems.
What is a prerequisite tor adding an external key manager to this environment?
A. The HPE 3PAR OS of Ihe existing arrays must meet the minimum requirement for ESKM use
B. The private key managers in the existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays must be registered on the ESKM
C. The node boot drives ot the exiting HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays must be replaced with self-encrypting drives
D. The data on the existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays must be decrypted and re-encrypted with new
Answer: B

Question No : 9

A customer has some mission-critical applications that intermittently experience heavy disk I/O during the month. The speed of the storage has the most impact on the performance. The customer does not want to dedicate expensive SSD disks to these applications, since they only need Ihis additional performance periodically, and mowing tne volumes from slow-to-fast-tp-slow storage is a lengthy process
Which HPE StoreVirtual feature can address this customer's challenge?
A. Adaptive Optimization
B. Peef Motion
C. Space Reclamation
D. Remote copy
Answer: A

Question No : 10

A customer has an existing HPR 3PAR storeserv 8200 using fast class and nearline drives with read intensive workloads. They need to increase the read I/O performance, however, they have a restricted budget
What should they do?
A. Add an additional 15 K last class drives and implement thin provisioned decrupiicated virtual volumes
B. Add a tier ot SSD and implement thin provisioned virtual volumes.
C. Add 4 SSD drives and enable Adaptive Flash cache.
D. Add an additional 15 K fast class drives and configure AO policy to tier data onto the new tier ot disk
Answer: C

Question No : 11

You are upgrading an HPE StoreVirtual LHOS 10 5 to 12 5. What should you do before committing me upgrade?
A. Upgrade me HPE Device Specific Module (DSM) first, if used
B. Remove the HPE MEM driver, il used.
C. install a 10 GB Ethernet adapter.
D. Remove the HPE Device Specific Module (DSM) first if used.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

In a strategy workshop you present the HPE Converged Storage principles as part of a proposed solution to a customer. The customer is looking for a storage solution that offers the greatest value in terms of data and business protection through built-in data protection, with automated failover and failback at no additional cost
Which storage solution should you recommend?
A. HPE Storevmuai Solutions
B. HPE StoteServ Solutions
C. HPE MSA Storage
D. HPE XP7 Storage
Answer: A

Question No : 13

An HPE StoreServ system is being evaluated in a proof-of-concept. The and other issues What do you need to configure?
A. local notification service
B. Collector Server
C. real-time alert processing
D. Secure Service Agent
Answer: C

Question No : 14

A customer has a Microsoft application environment that uses HPE SloreServ arrays. The customer wants to simplify the process to back up the application data and implement rapid online recovery of the applications; however, they cannot do this from the StoreServ Management Console.
What must be added to the solution for the customer to accomplish this? (Select Two)
A. Application Suite for Data Protection
B. Advanced Shadow Copy Services for Windows Servers
C. Virtual Copy
D. VSS provider for HPE SPAR SloreServ
E. Recovery Manager
Answer: C,E

Question No : 15

A customer wants to implement a management and monitoring tools for an HPE B-Series SAN Switch environment. You present HPE SAN Network Advisor and its different versions.
Which component in the customer's enviornment will help you decide which version to recommend?
A. FICON connectivity
B. FCIP support
C. 4-Solt SAN Director
D. 96-port fixed port SAN switch
Answer: A

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