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Exam Name: Huawei Certified Network Professional - BCAN (Carrier IP)

Updated: 2022-05-17

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Question No : 1

Under normal circumstances, how many times of packets exchanging does it need when establishing a PPPOE connection?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C

Question No : 2

The switch's trunk interface receives a frame without the TAG. It will be directly discarded without forwarding.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 3

Site A and Site B, respectively, are connected to two ports of a switch, when the site A sends a data packet to site B first, which of the following statement is correct?
A. switch learned A's address
B. switch learned B's address
C. The switch does not learn any address
D. At the same time the switch learned the addresses of both A and B
Answer: A

Question No : 4

Each of the Ethernet switch port can be as one
A. collision domain
B. broadcast domain
C. management domain
D. block domain
Answer: A

Question No : 5

Which of the following agreement is three-way handshake authentication protocol, between the certified party and certification party in clear text way to pass the username?
C. MD5
Answer: B

Question No : 6

Site A and B are linked with the two ports of switches respectively, the switch of the MAC address table is empty, when the site A send data packet to site B first time, the switch at the same time learn the address of A and B.
Answer: B

Question No : 7

When CE through the PE's dot1q sub-interface GE1/0/1.5 and 1/0/2.5 dual-homed to the VPLS network, CE's two uplink interfaces run smart-link protocol, smart-link's control VLAN number is 10, password is 123, at this time, which of the following about the smart-link configuration on PE is correct?
A. interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
port link-type trunk
port trunk allow-pass VLAN 10
smart-link flush receive control-VLAN 10 password simple 123
smart-link vpls-notify enable
B. interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1.5
port link-type trunk
port trunk allow-pass VLAN 10
smart-link flush receive control-VLAN 10 password simple 123
smart-link vpls-notify enable
C. interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
smart-link flush receive control-VLAN 10 password simple 123
D. interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1.5
smart-link flush receive control-VLAN 10 password simple 123
Answer: A

Question No : 8

Which of the following standard describes the Spanning Tree Protocol?
A. 802.1J
B. 802.1X
C. 802.1D
D. 802.1P
Answer: C

Question No : 9

In ME60, which command is used to check the current online users?
A.display ip interface brief
B.display access-user domain isp1
C.display current-configuration
D.display ip pool name pool1
Answer: B

Question No : 10

IEEE organization develop ( ) standard, standardized the way of across the switches to realize VLAN.
A. 802.1x
B. 802.1d
C. 802.1q
D. 802.3
Answer: C

Question No : 11

According to IEEE802.1Q standard, VLAN tag embedded in ( ).
A. is not fixed
B. before Destination MAC address
C. After the source MAC address
D. middle of the source MAC address and destination MAC address
Answer: C

Question No : 12

The client has received the AC access concentrator reply message after PADO, what message may send?
Answer: B

Question No : 13

In sup-vlan, it can't go through trunk link by default, but after permit-sup-vlan on the trunk link then it can pass.
Answer: B

Question No : 14

In the practical application of QinQ technology, how many layers of 802.1Q Tag does packet carry up to?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. Unlimited nested
Answer: B

Question No : 15

The following statements about the VLAN virtual interface, which is correct? (Select two answers)
A. If configure IP address for VLAN , need to create a virtual interface for this VLAN
B. in the VLAN view to configure VLAN interface
C. VLAN virtual interface is three layer interface
D. VLAN without created also can configure virtual interface
Answer: AC
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