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Exam Name: VNX Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects

Updated: 2022-05-17

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Question No : 1

What VNX feature enables administrators to group file systems and CIFS servers into virtual containers?
D. VLAN tagging
Answer: D

Question No : 2

An administrator allocated two LUNs on a VNX for the Exchange 2010 mailstore and logs. The Exchange 2010 server is a VM under vSphere 5.1.
How should those LUNs be presented to the virtual machine?
A. As RDMs in physical mode.
B. As RDMs in virtual mode.
C. As VMDK volumes.
D. As NTFS volumes.
Answer: A

Question No : 3

After reviewing the design for a new VNX5800, a customer requests an explanation of the sparing algorithm used by the array.
The following information is provided:
- A RAID group consists of eight 600 GB 10K SAS drives in a 6+2 RAID 6 configuration
- Within this RAID group there are three 125 GB LUNs
- One of the eight drives has just failed
Based upon this information, which spare drive would the array select first to replace the failed drive?
A. 100 GB Flash
B. 300 GB SAS
C. 600 GB SAS
Answer: C

Question No : 4

A customer plans to deploy SharePoint on a VNX array. They ask about the requirements to implement BLOB externalization.
What do you tell the customer?
A. The External Blob Store Provider must be installed on each application server.
B. The Application Protection Suite must be installed on the VNX array.
C. They need to verify FAST Cache is enabled on the VNX array.
D. They need to verify Hardware Acceleration is enabled on each application
Answer: A

Question No : 5

A customer has a VNX array replicating to a CLARiiON CX4 array using MirrorView/S. A new VNX array will be installed and used for testing. A copy of the existing VNX/CX4 data needs to reside on the new VNX array. Incremental SAN Copy will be used to perform the copy.
What is a valid source LUN for the migration?
A. MirrorView/S secondary image
B. Snapshot of the MirrorView/S primary image
C. Snapshot of the MirrorView/S secondary image
D. Reserved LUN Pool LUN
Answer: A

Question No : 6

A customer is planning to migrate 14 Microsoft Windows clusters onto a VNX. They want to preserve all CIFS server names.
Using best practices, what should be recommended?
A. Create a separate VDM for each CIFS server instance
B. Place all CIFS server instances into one VDM
C. VNX does not support multiple CIFS instances; need to consolidate into one
D. Add one more VNX array to the solution
Answer: D

Question No : 7

A customer has multiple VNX Unified storage systems. They are looking for a disaster recovery solution that makes efficient use of their limited bandwidth.
What is a recommended RecoverPoint solution for this customer?
A. RecoverPoint/SE CRR
B. RecoverPoint/SE CDP
C. RecoverPoint/SE CLR
D. RecoverPoint/SE integrated with SRM
Answer: A

Question No : 8

Why is it important to consider the backup and restore environment when designing a VNX solution?
A. VNX physical spindles may be dedicated to backup servers or archival locations
B. Additional VNX software must be purchased if backups are required
C. VNX physical memory may be dedicated to backup servers or archival systems
D. Additional VNX hardware must be purchased if backups are required
Answer: A

Question No : 9

During a data gathering meeting with a customer, a discussion about applications was presented. Most of the applications are best suited for a RAID 5 pool on the VNX. However, one of the applications has an I/O requirement for RAID 1/0 spindles.
How should the RAID 1/0 application requirement be handled?
A. Create two separate pools; one for RAID 5 and the other for RAID 1/0
B. Combine the RAID 1/0 with the RAID 5 into one pool
C. Create a large RAID 1/0 pool
D. Create a large RAID 6 pool
Answer: B

Question No : 10

Your customer wants to create a new pool for file and would like you to validate the configuration. The pool will be created with one RAID1/0 4+4 FLASH drive group and eight RAID 5 4+1 SAS drive groups. The customer wants to create an even number of LUNs and allowed for auto assignment of SPs.
What would you tell the customer?
A. Pools for file can only contain one RAID type.
B. Pools for file can only contain one drive type.
C. Pools for file are not supported.
D. The configuration is optimally configured.
Answer: A

Question No : 11

Refer to the exhibit.

You are using Analyzer Helper to review NAR files from a customer's VNX array.
Which performance issue is indicated by the graph?
A. Write Cache is periodically full for one Storage Processor
B. SP Utilization periodically reaches 100% for one Storage Processor
C. FAST Cache % dirty pages exceeds 70% threshold
D. SP Utilization exceeds recommended 70% threshold
Answer: A

Question No : 12

A customer asked for your assistance sizing a MirrorView/A solution.
Following EMC best practices, which factors would you consider?
A. Source LUN size, Source LUN data access pattern, Source LUN R/W ratio
B. Source LUN size, source LUN RAID type, source LUN expected data access pattern, source LUN expected R/W ratio
C. RLP LUN size, RLP LUN RAID type, RLP LUN data access pattern, RLP LUN IOPs
D. RLP LUN size, RLP LUN disk quantity, RLP LUN data access pattern, RLP LUN R/W ratio
Answer: A

Question No : 13

A customer has a VNX environment and wants to begin using compression. You have been asked to perform an evaluation and make recommendations.
What would you recommend?
A. Apply file compression to exported NFS and CIFS data
B. Avoid large LUNs since they must be fully decompressed to read
C. Avoid large LUNs since they must be fully decompressed to write
D. Archive Log Files are good candidates for block level compression
Answer: A

Question No : 14

Which tool would be used to automate the upload of data collection files into E-Lab Advisor?
A. Sahara
B. EMCgrab
D. EMC Unisphere
Answer: A

Question No : 15

In which way do VNX Snapshots differ from SnapView Snapshots?
A. VNX Snapshots work only with pool LUNs; SnapView Snapshots work with RAID Group LUNs or pool LUNs
B. VNX Snapshots use copy on first write; SnapView Snapshots use redirect on first write
C. VNX Snapshots require Reserved LUN Pools; SnapView Snapshots use space from same pool as Primary LUN
D. VNX Snapshots consume large amounts of pool capacity; SnapView Snapshots consume small amounts of pool capacity
Answer: A

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