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Exam Name: Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video

Updated: 2018-12-14

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Question No : 1

Before a SAF client begins to forward, publish, subscribe, and update service data, with which
option must it establish a relationship?
A.SAF service identifier
B.SAF domains
C.SAF forwarder
D.SAF Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Answer: C

Question No : 2

When parsing trace output after the call routing decision and path selection have been made,
which two records can be found in the CCM|RouteList? (Choose two.)
F.RouteListCdrc :
Answer: DF

Question No : 3

When dialing any external SIP URI for a business-to-business call, an endpoint that is registered
to the Cisco VCS Control fails to locate the remote endpoint. The same endpoint can successfully
call another endpoint that is registered to the Cisco VCS Expressway.
How do you resolve this issue?
A.Add traversal call licensing on the Cisco VCS Expressway.
B.Add traversal call licensing on the Cisco VCS Control.
C.Add a multisite option to the endpoint.
D.Configure a proper DNS zone on the Cisco VCS Expressway.
E.Configure a traversal zone between the Cisco VCS Control and the Cisco VCS Expressway. F.Configure a SIP route pattern in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
Answer: D

Question No : 4

You are trying to register an H.323-based Cisco TelePresence system to Cisco Unified
Communications Manager and a Cisco DX70 system to the Cisco VCS Control.
Why do neither of the units want to register?
A.The H.323-based system needs an E164 number to register to Cisco Unified Communications
Manager, and the Cisco DX70 needs to have the MAC address configured first on the Cisco VCS
B.The H.323-based system needs to register to the Cisco VCS Control with an E.164 number, and
the Cisco DX70 needs the TFTP address to register on the Cisco Unified Communications
C.Both systems need to register to the Cisco VCS Control, but the H.323-based system needs to
have the gatekeeper setting set to "Direct."
D.Both systems need to register to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, as the Cisco VCS
Control is used only for firewall traversal.
E.You need Cisco TelePresence Management Suite to register Cisco TelePresence systems.
F.You need Cisco TelePresence Server to register Cisco TelePresence systems.
Answer: B

Question No : 5

Of the following persistent settings for Cisco TMS-controlled endpoints, TMS overwrites these
settings if which five of them are altered on the endpoint? (Choose five.)
A.H.323 ID
B.Configuration Template
D.Active Cisco Unified Communications Manager Address
E.System Name
F.System Contact
G.E.164 alias
H.IEEE 802.1x Authentication Password
Answer: ABCEG

Question No : 6

A user using a CP-9971 SIP phone reports that during a video call, the video portion of the call
freezes. What should you do in order to point to and troubleshoot the issue?
A.Restart the phone.
B.On the phone, navigate to Administrator Settings > Status > Call Statistics > Video > Video
statistics > Rcvr Packets statistics. Verify if the phone is receiving packets.
C.Make sure that the camera is connected to the USB.
D.Verify if the camera shutter is open.
E.Perform a factory reset of the phone.
Answer: B

Question No : 7

Which issue would cause an MGCP gateway to fail to register with Cisco Unified
Communications Manager?
A.missing the configuration command isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager under the ISDN interface
B.mismatched domain name on the MGCP gateway and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
gateway configuration
C.misconfigured route group in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D.incorrect MGCP IP address specified in the gateway configuration in Cisco Unified
Communications Manager
Answer: B

Question No : 8

Which size is the jitter buffer of the Cisco MTP transcoder?
A.10 - 30 ms
B.45 - 60 ms
C.20 - 40 ms
D.25 - 50 ms
Answer: C

Question No : 9

What is a common reason that an IP Phone cannot get its configuration from Cisco Unified
Communications Manager after it obtains the correct IP address information?
A.The DHCP scope is exhausted.
B.The DHCP server is not reachablE.
C.The DHCP scope is on the wrong subnet.
D.The DHCP scope has the incorrect Option 150 or 66 defined.
Answer: D

Question No : 10

In a SAF deployment, the registration status looks correct and the learned patterns appear
reachable, but calls are not routed. What is causing this issue?
A.network connection failure between the SAF Forwarder and Cisco Unified Communications
B.network connection failure between the primary and backup SAF Forwarders
C.TCP connection failure with the primary SAF Forwarder
D.TCP connection failure with the backup SAF Forwarder
Answer: A

Question No : 11

You configured a Cisco ISR G2 as a SIP gateway, but the gateway does not show that it is
registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. What is causing this issue?
A.Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not support SIP gateways.
B.The gateway does not have the UC license installeD.C.The gateway does not have Cisco Unified Border Element session licensing.
D.Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not show a SIP gateway as registered if it is not
properly configured.
E.Cisco Unified Communications Manager never shows a SIP gateway as registered even when it
is properly configured.
F.The Cisco ISR G2 cannot be a SIP gateway.
Answer: E

Question No : 12

Endpoints are configured for both H.323 and SIP using the same URI and Cisco VCS settings,
but the endpoints register only as H.323 endpoints. What is causing this issue?
A.A firewall is blocking all traffic from the endpoints to the Cisco VCS.
B.The Cisco VCS has no SIP domains configured.
C.The Cisco VCS is blocking the endpoints because of duplicate ID entries.
D.The endpoints do not have the SIP option key installed.
E.SIP does not work, because SIP is used for Cisco Unified Communications Manager registration
Answer: B

Question No : 13

To maintain proper database integrity, what is the recommended maximum round-trip delay
between multiple Cisco VCS appliances in a cluster?
A.10 ms
B.15 ms
C.25 ms
D.30 ms
E.50 ms
F.80 ms
Answer: D

Question No : 14

Which CLI command monitors ILS replication progress?
A.utils ils findxnode
B.utils ils show peer info
C.utils ils showpeerinfo
D.utils ils lookup
Answer: C

Question No : 15

To achieve 720p (HD) quality at 30 frames per second on an endpoint that is running TC
software, what is the minimum configured call rate?
A.512 kbps
B.1152 kbps
C.768 kbps
D.2560 kbps
Answer: B
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