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Updated: 2022-06-30

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Question No : 1

A software company has completed a security assessment. The assessment states that the company should implement fencing and lighting around the property. Additionally, the assessment states that production releases of their software should be digitally signed. Given the recommendations, the company was deficient in which of the following core security areas? (Select TWO).
A. Fault tolerance
B. Encryption
C. Availability
D. Integrity
E. Safety
F. Confidentiality
Answer: D, E

Question No : 2

Drag the items on the left to show the different types of security for the shown devices. Not all fields need to be filled. Not all items need to be used.


Question No : 3

Which of the following is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy and is MOST useful for securing data in use?
A. Email scanning
B. Content discovery
C. Database fingerprinting
D. Endpoint protection
Answer: D

Question No : 4

Which of the following mitigation strategies is established to reduce risk when performing updates to business critical systems?
A. Incident management
B. Server clustering
C. Change management
D. Forensic analysis
Answer: C

Question No : 5

An administrator wants to minimize the amount of time needed to perform backups during the week. It is also acceptable to the administrator for restoration to take an extended time frame.
Which of the following strategies would the administrator MOST likely implement?
A. Full backups on the weekend and incremental during the week
B. Full backups on the weekend and full backups every day
C. Incremental backups on the weekend and differential backups every day
D. Differential backups on the weekend and full backups every day
Answer: A

Question No : 6

Used in conjunction, which of the following are PII? (Select TWO).
A. Marital status
B. Favorite movie
C. Pet¡¯s name
D. Birthday
E. Full name
Answer: D, E

Question No : 7

Separation of duties is often implemented between developers and administrators in order to separate which of the following?
A. More experienced employees from less experienced employees
B. Changes to program code and the ability to deploy to production
C. Upper level management users from standard development employees
D. The network access layer from the application access layer
Answer: B

Question No : 8

Which of the following risk concepts requires an organization to determine the number of failures per year?
D. Quantitative analysis
Answer: B

Question No : 9

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) has tasked The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to develop and update all Internal Operating Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures documentation in order to successfully respond to future incidents. Which of the following stages of the Incident Handling process is the team working on?
A. Lessons Learned
B. Eradication
C. Recovery
D. Preparation
Answer: D

Question No : 10

Computer evidence at a crime scene is documented with a tag stating who had possession of the evidence at a given time.
Which of the following does this illustrate?
A. System image capture
B. Record time offset
C. Order of volatility
D. Chain of custody
Answer: D

Question No : 11

An incident response team member needs to perform a forensics examination but does not have the required hardware. Which of the following will allow the team member to perform the examination with minimal impact to the potential evidence?
A. Using a software file recovery disc
B. Mounting the drive in read-only mode
C. Imaging based on order of volatility
D. Hashing the image after capture
Answer: B

Question No : 12

To help prevent unauthorized access to PCs, a security administrator implements screen savers that lock the PC after five minutes of inactivity. Which of the following controls is being described in this situation?
A. Management
B. Administrative
C. Technical
D. Operational
Answer: C

Question No : 13

Users can authenticate to a company¡¯s web applications using their credentials from a popular social media site. Which of the following poses the greatest risk with this integration?
A. Malicious users can exploit local corporate credentials with their social media credentials
B. Changes to passwords on the social media site can be delayed from replicating to the company
C. Data loss from the corporate servers can create legal liabilities with the social media site
D. Password breaches to the social media site affect the company application as well
Answer: D

Question No : 14

The system administrator notices that their application is no longer able to keep up with the large amounts of traffic their server is receiving daily. Several packets are dropped and sometimes the server is taken offline. Which of the following would be a possible solution to look into to ensure their application remains secure and available?
A. Cloud computing
B. Full disk encryption
C. Data Loss Prevention
Answer: A

Question No : 15

Which of the following should Pete, a security manager, implement to reduce the risk of employees working in collusion to embezzle funds from their company?
A. Privacy Policy
B. Least Privilege
C. Acceptable Use
D. Mandatory Vacations
Answer: D

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