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NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam is one of the required exams for NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification. PassQuestion NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam Questions have been designed to match the pattern of real exams. It can boost your confidence and make it easier to get through the real exams. By using reliable and authentic NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam Questions you will have the chance to succeed in the first attempt. If you are using NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam Questions multiple times and you are going through our practice test software as well, then you will be able to clear the NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam on the first attempt.

NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam

NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam is the second exam required for NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification, to be taken after the SuiteFoundation Exam has been passed. Passing both the NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam and the SuiteFoundation Exam certifies that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant. 

NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam
Registration Fee: $250
Retake Fee: $150
Duration: 120 minutes 
Number of Questions: 80 multiple-choice and matching questions

Description of a Qualified Candidate:

The candidate has the equivalent experience of performing 5–10 medium scale, or 2–3 enterprise NetSuite ERP implementations, which is roughly equivalent to at least 2 years' worth of NetSuite implementations in a consultant-related role. They can match NetSuite ERP solutions to business requirements. This person can advise on how to change standard ERP workflows, when to use scripting tools to meet the business needs, and when to extend use through integrations. This consultant can explain the implications and benefits of NetSuite configuration options.

Exam Topics

Data Strategy

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A company would like to add the same disclaimer message that prints in the footer of its PDF Invoices.
Which action should the Administrator take?
A.Edit the custom Invoice form and enter the message in the Disclaimer field.
B.Enter the disclaimer message in the Sales Form Memo field.
C.Edit the custom Invoice form and change the Printing Type to Advanced.
D.Create a custom Disclaimer field on the customized Invoice form and enter the message.

Which requirement requires using SuiteScript rather than SuiteFlow?
A.Sending a customer survey when clicking a button.
B.Creating a custom approval process on Sales Order records.
C.Creating a task for the Sales Rep when saving Opportunity.
D.Setting the value of a multi-select field on an existing Customer record.

Which scenario requires an Advanced Electronic Bank Payments license?
A.Customize Payment File Template for Positive Pay
B.Automate processing of payments in batches
C.Rollback of Payment File Administration
D.Aggregate bills to a single payment

When creating Matrix Items, which field lists are used to populate the Matrix Item Name Template? (Choose two.)
A.Insert Item Attribute
B.Insert Matrix Option
C.Insert Item Option
D.Insert Item Properties
Answer:A, C

An item has Alternate Price 1 and Alternate Price 2 defined.
If there are no price levels assigned on a Customer record, which price level will be used on Sales Orders?
A.Base Price
B.Alternate Price 1
C.Custom Price
D.Alternate Price 2

A purchasing department needs to track defective items that are returned to the vendor for replacement or credit.
What two settings need to be configured in NetSuite?
A.Enable the Vendor Return Authorizations feature
B.Enable the Credit in Advance of Vendor Return preference
C.Use the standard Vendor Activity report.
D.Customize the Inventory Activity Detail to filter by transaction type, and add column for Vendor RMA status.
E.Customize the A/P Register to filter by transaction type Vendor Returns, and add a column for Item Name.
Answer:A, C

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