VCP-DTM 2018 2V0-51.18 questions - VMware Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam 2018

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Many candidates who are ready to participate in the VMware certification 2V0-51.18 exam may see many websites available online to provide VCP-DTM 2018 2V0-51.18 questions. However, Passquestion is the only website whose VCP-DTM 2018 2V0-51.18 questions are valid to pass your VMware Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam 2018 exam.

The Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam (2V0-51.18) which leads to VMware Certified Professional – Desktop and Mobility 2018 certification is a 59-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given a time of 105 minutes, which includes an automatic 30-minute time extension for non-native English speakers, to complete the exam.

The VCP-DTM 2018 certification validates a candidate’s skills in performing in-depth configuration and management of VMware Horizon 7.5 environments. This industry leading certification proves that VCP-DTM 2018 earners can securely deliver personalized virtual desktops, applications, and online services to end-users.

Certification Path if you hold no vcp certifications

1. Gain experience with vSphere 6.7 and Horizon 7.5
2. Pass the vSphere 6.5 Foundations Exam (2V0-602)
3. Pass the Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam (2V0-51.18)

VCP-DTM 2018 2V0-51.18 Exam Sections

Section 1 - Install and Configure Horizon Server Components
Section 2 - Create and Configure Pools
Section 4 - Configure and Manage Identity Manager
Section 5 - Configure and Manage User Environment Manager
Section 6 - Configure and Manage App Volumes
Section 7 - Configure vRealize Operations for Horizon

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Which type of virtual machines can an existing pool contain when cloning an Automated Desktop Pool from an existing pool?
A. Instant clones
B. Manual desktops
C. Linked clones
D. RDS desktops
Answer: C

An administrator needs to add some files to each user’s writable volume.
What is the recommended procedure to accomplish this?
A. Manually mount each user’s volume to a temporary virtual machine and copy the files into the volume.
B. Create a .zip file containing the files that need to be placed in the user’s volumes. Select Volumes > Writables > Update Writables and select the .zip file.
C. Place the files on a central file server and send the users an email asking them to copy the files to their disk when they log in.
D. Create a .zip file containing the file that need to be placed in the users’ volumes. Export the VMDK file to VHD. Merge the zip file to update, and then upload.
Answer: D

What is the correct network connection sequence when a VMware Horizon client connects to a VDI desktop without a secure tunnel?
A. TCP 443 to the vCenter Server, TCP 902 to the Desktop, TCP 903 to the Desktop
B. TCP 443 to the vCenter Server. TCP 4172 to the Desktop, UDP 4172 to the Desktop
C. TCP 443 to the Connection Server, TCP 902 to the Desktop, TCP 903 to the Desktop
D. TCP 443 to the Connection Server, TCP 4172 to the Desktop, UDP 4172 to the Desktop
Answer: D

A VMware Identity Manager administrator can utilize which three types of groups to entitle user groups to access and user resources? (Choose three.)
A. Active Directory server groups
B. VMware Identity Manager groups
C. OpenLDAP groups
D. NIS/NIS+ groups
E. RADIUS groups
Answer: ABC

What is the minimum virtual machine hardware version required to use VGPU?
A. 12
B. 10
C. 9
D. 11
Answer: D

Writable Volumes can be assigned to which three choices? (Choose three.)
A. Users
B. Groups
C. AppStacks
D. VDI Desktops
E. RDS Session Hosts
Answer: ABD

Which three Microsoft Windows desktop versions are supported by VMware User Environment Manager? (Choose three.)
A. Microsoft Windows 8
B. Microsoft Windows 10
C. Microsoft Windows 8.1
D. Microsoft Windows XP
E. Microsoft Windows 7
Answer: BCE

What is the benefit of using the “Browse Local Profile” Profile Browsing feature in the User Environment Manager to adjust the Import/Export configuration for an application DirectFlex?
A. The registry or filesystem paths do not have to be typed in the editor.
B. It allows backup of the user profile.
C. The Import/Export Config can be deleted from a user profile.
D. The Microsoft Windows users profile configuration can be changed.
Answer: A

Which Database Server is supported for View Composer and for the Events Databases?
A. Microsoft SQL Server 2014
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP4
C. vPostgres Database
D. Oracle 11g Release 2
Answer: A

An application pool has which attribute?
A. An applications pool has a single application and is associated with a single farm.
B. An application pool is associated with a single user and a single application.
C. An application pool has a single application and is associated with multiple farms.
D. An application pool has multiple applications and is associated with a single farm.
Answer: A

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