VCAP7-DTM Design 3V0-752 Practice Test Questions

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3V0-752 exam is a hot VMware Certification test, Passquestion IT experts team will timely provide you the accurate and detailed training materials about VMware 3V0-752 exam. Through VCAP7-DTM Design 3V0-752 Practice Test Questions provided by Passquestion, we can ensure you have a successful challenge when you are the first time to participate in the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Design Exam.

3V0-752 VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Design Exam tests a candidate's ability to design a Horizon 7.2 solution by validating product and technical knowledge as well as the ability to analyze, evaluate, and create solutions.

3V0-752 VCAP7-DTM Design Exam Information

Exam Number: 3V0-752
Number of Questions: 60
Duration: 135 minutes
Passing Score: 300
Exam Language: English
Associated Certification: VCAP7-DTM Design
Format: Proctored multiple choice, drag and drop, matching, hot area

3V0-752 VCAP7-DTM Design Exam Sections

Section 1 – Create a Horizon Conceptual Design
Section 2 – Create a Horizon Logical Design
Section 3 – Create a Physical Design for vSphere and Horizon Components
Section 4 – Create a Physical Design for Horizon Storage
Section 5 – Create a Physical Design for Horizon Networking 
Section 6 – Create a Physical Design for Horizon Desktops and Pools 
Section 7 – Incorporate Application Services into a Horizon Physical Design 
Section 8 – Incorporate Endpoints into a Horizon Design

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The CIO of a company has asked that a review of all user’s applications be undertaken to improve storage usage. After the review, it was found that a number of applications are used by several different organizations within the company. These applications are currently all installed in all of the different master images, making each of the master images very large.
What VMware technology would improve storage usage?
A. VMware FLEX
B. VMware Mirage
C. Horizon Published Applications
D. VMware Identity Manager
Answer: C

A customer is deploying Horizon View 7.1 utilizing a Cloud Prod Architecture. The customer wants to utilize 32-node clusters, and a single vCenter at each site to support 9,500 desktops per site.
Which two statements about this configuration are true? (Choose two.)
A. This configuration allows all desktops at a site to be provisioned from a single master image.
B. This configuration allows multiple pools to be grouped together using global entitlements.
C. This configuration requires a 64-node cluster per site.
D. This configuration exceeds the maximum supported size for a View block.
Answer: AB

A company is implementing VMware Horizon View 7 solution. It has created four 500 linked-clone desktop pools to be used by different departments and workers. The company’s VDI administrator noticed that Horizon View Composer is showing in error state on the View Admin Web Console. During restart of the Composer service, the service failed to start up again. A decision was made to migrate View Composer to a new server and preserve the linked-clone information.
What three steps are requires for the migration? (Choose three.)
A. Install View Connection Server on the new machine.
B. Create a new SQL database
C. Migrate the RSA key constrainer.
D. Configure Horizon View Composer to point to the existing SQL database.
E. Install the VMware Horizon View Composer service.
Answer: ABC

A customer reported that during maintenance activity, some users were unable to connect to assigned
desktops and received an error that the pool had no desktops available. Other users were able to connect to their assigned desktops without issue.
Which three reasons could be the cause of the failure? (Choose three.)
A. SQL Server was down.
B. VMware Composer Server was down.
C. View Connection Server was down.
D. vCenter Server was down.
E. App Volumes Manager Server was down.
Answer: CE

A company had a security breach which resulted in stolen datA. The CIO has mandated that the security team implement a data leak prevention mechanism and better control over how data is accessed and distributed.
Which technology will prevent users from copying data from their Horizon View virtual desktop to their local endpoint when they are connected outside the corporate LAN?
A. Identity Manager
B. User Environment Manager
C. App Volumes
D. Unified Access Gateway
Answer: D

The architect of a company is asked to design a single VMware View Pod/Block without a single point of failure component.
Which component offers the lowest availability?
A. Horizon View Connection Server
B. Horizon View Composer
C. vCenter Server
D. Horizon View Security Server
Answer: A

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