Updated DP-300 Practice Test Questions - Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions

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Are you ready to take your DP-300 Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions exam to gain the Azure Database Administrator Associate certification? The latest DP-300 Practice Test Questions are newly updated which will help you learn the concepts and skills tested on the exam. It can help you identify areas where you need to focus your studies and gauge your readiness for the actual exam. You also should familiarize yourself with the exam objectives, which outline the skills and knowledge tested on the exam. Then you will feel confident to pass your Microsoft DP-300 exam in one shot.

Exam DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions

The DP-300 is the one certifying exam an administrator needs to pass to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate. The DP-300 is a 120-minute exam with around 40-60 questions related to associate-level database administration. Someone who passes the DP-300 has a strong sense of how to go about managing on-premises and cloud relational databases, specifically through the use of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services.

Exam Topics

Plan and implement data platform resources (20–25%)
Implement a secure environment (15–20%)
Monitor, configure, and optimize database resources (20–25%)
Configure and manage automation of tasks (15–20%)
Plan and configure a high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) environment (20–25%)

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1. You have an Azure SQL Database managed instance.
The instance starts experiencing performance issues.
You need to identify which query is causing the issue and retrieve the execution plan for the query. The solution must minimize administrative effort.
What should you use?
A.the Azure portal
B.Extended Events
C.Query Store
D.dynamic management views
Answer: C

2. You have an Azure SQL managed instance.
You need to gather the last execution of a query plan and its runtime statistics. The solution must minimize the impact on currently running queries.
What should you do?
A.Generate an estimated execution plan.
B.Generate an actual execution plan.
C.Run sys.dm_exec_query_plan_scacs.
D.Generate Live Query Statistics.
Answer: C

3. You have an Azure SQL database named db1 on a server named server1.
The Intelligent Insights diagnostics log identifies that several tables are missing indexes.
You need to ensure that indexes are created for the tables.
What should you do?
A.RuntheDBCC SQLPERF command.
B.Run the dbcc dbreindex command.
C.Modify the automatic tuning settings for db1.
D.Modify the Query Store settings for db1.
Answer : C

4. You have an Azure data solution that contains an enterprise data warehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics named DW1.
Several users execute adhoc queries to DW1 concurrently.
You regularly perform automated data loads to DW1.
You need to ensure that the automated data loads have enough memory available to complete quickly and
successfully when the adhoc queries run.
What should you do?
A.Assign a smaller resource class to the automated data load queries.
B.Create sampled statistics to every column in each table of DW1.
C.Assign a larger resource class to the automated data load queries.
D.Hash distribute the large fact tables in DW1 before performing the automated data loads.
Answer: C

5. A company plans to use Apache Spark analytics to analyze intrusion detection data.
You need to recommend a solution to analyze network and system activity data for malicious activities and policy violations. The solution must minimize administrative efforts.
What should you recommend?
A.Azure Data Lake Storage
B.Azure Databricks
C.Azure HDInsight
D.Azure Data Factory
Answer: C

To prepare for the DP-300 exam, you can use a combination of self-study and training resources. Here are some suggestions for preparing for the exam:

  1. Review the exam objectives and become familiar with the skills and knowledge measured by the exam. You can find the exam objectives on the Microsoft website.
  2. Take a training course. Microsoft offers a range of instructor-led and online training courses to help you prepare for the DP-300 exam.
  3. Practice with hands-on experience. The best way to prepare for the exam is to get hands-on experience working with Azure SQL databases. You can set up your own Azure SQL databases and practice creating, managing, and optimizing them.
  4. Use study materials and practice tests. There are many study materials and practice tests available online that can help you prepare for the exam. These can include textbooks, online courses, and practice exams.

By following these steps, you can effectively prepare for the DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions exam and increase your chances of success.

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