Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions

  Edina  08-16-2021

Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is for those who have foundational skills and understanding of Tableau Desktop and at least three months of applying this understanding in the product.Upon successful completion of this exam, you will be awarded the title of Tableau Desktop Specialist.PassQuestion provides the latest Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions to clear your concept before entering in the real exam. Once you have gone through all the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions, you will be able to clear Tableau Desktop Specialist exam on your first attempt. It is the right way to attempt a real exam so you can achieve the best results.

Exam Format

Time Limit: 60 minutes
Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple response
Number of Questions: 45 (40 scored, 5 unscored)
Passing Score: The passing scaled score for this exam is 750. 
Language(s) Offered: English; translated exams to follow. 
Exam Delivery Method: Testing center and online delivery are both available. Learn more about the check-in process and testing experience for each method here. 

Content Outline

Domain 1: Connecting to & Preparing Data

1.1 Create live connections and extracts
1.2 Create and manage the data model
1.3 Manage data properties

Domain 2: Exploring & Analyzing Data

2.1 Create basic charts
2.2 Organize data and apply filters
2.3 Apply analytics to a worksheet

Domain 3: Sharing Insights

3.1 Format view for presentation
3.2 Create and modify a dashboard
3.3 View and share workbook data

Domain 4: Understanding Tableau Concepts

4.1 Understand dimensions and measures
4.2 Understand discrete and continuous fields
4.3 Understand aggregation

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When you drop a continuous field on Color, Tableau displays a quantitative legend with a ___________ range of colors.
Answer : D

Which of the following are valid ways to add Totals to a view?
A.Using the Data Pane
B.Using the Analytics Pane
C.From the Analysis Tab in the Menu bar on top
D.Using the Marks shelf
Answer : B, C

How can you format an axis as Bold in Tableau?
A.By choosing the axis and selecting Command/Control + B on your keyboard
B.By right clicking on the axis, choosing Edit Axis, and then setting its font to bold.
C.By right clicking on the axis, choosing format, and then setting its font to bold.
D.By clicking on Format on the main menu bar, choosing field labels, and setting it to bold.
Answer : C

What is a story point in Tableau?
A.A single worksheet or dashboard
B.A collection of dashboards
C.A collection of both worksheets and dashboards
D.A collection of worksheets
Answer : A

Suppose you have a bar chart. When we group by labels in a view, which of the following happens?
A.Nothing changes in the view, but a group is created in the Dimensions shelf.
B.The colours of the members selected are now the same, and different for the rest of the members.
C.Trick question! It is not possible to group by labels.
D.A new mark (bar) is created, which consolidates all members of the group.
Answer : D

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