TCP-SP TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional Exam Questions

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Are you getting ready to take the TCP-SP TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional Exam? PassQuestion offers a comprehensive collection of TCP-SP TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional Exam Questions that are designed to cover all of the exam objectives. These TCP-SP exam questions are carefully crafted to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the exam with ease. By studying these TCP-SP TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional Exam Questions, you will be well-prepared to tackle the exam and achieve your certification as a TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional. Don't miss out on this valuable resource - start your exam preparation today with PassQuestion!

TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional Exam

Candidates possess a diverse range of skills and abilities that enable them to excel in their roles. They not only have the capability to create various visualizations, but also have the expertise to configure properties and design complex interactive features, all while requiring minimal supervision. In addition, they have a deep understanding of data tables and can effectively integrate multiple data sources, using various methods to capture and analyze different aspects of a given dataset.

Furthermore, candidates are proficient in utilizing the Spotfire Web Clients for seamless sharing and collaboration. They are also highly skilled in creating expressions and have a comprehensive understanding of the development and utilization of complex expressions, including the effective use of the OVER and THEN functions.

Moreover, candidates are well-versed in utilizing text area controls to enhance their data analysis capabilities. They are also proficient in leveraging scripts written in R and IronPython to further expand the functionality of the inbuilt TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) engine and TIBCO Automation Services software. This allows them to unlock additional features and enhance the overall performance of the software.

In terms of recommended experience, it is highly beneficial for candidates to have at least one year of experience as a Business or Data Analyst. This experience should include a solid understanding of key concepts such as business analytics, data collection and cleansing, descriptive and prescriptive analysis, as well as business intelligence. This experience serves as a strong foundation for candidates to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to their organizations.

Exam Overview

Exam: TCP-SP
Number of exam questions: 60
Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Percentage correct to pass the exam: 65%

Exam Topics

Spotfire Charts
Working with Web Clients
Details Visualization and Filtering Scheme
Tables and Hierarchies
Treemap, Heat Map and Waterfall Chart
Sharing, Collaboration and Automation Services Job Builder
Column and Row Operations
Table Relations and Transformations
Custom Expressions and Calculated Columns
Advanced Custom Expressions
Information Link and Data Connectors
Spotfire Data Streams
Map Charts
Text Areas
Property Controls
Multivariate Data Analysis
Relationships and Predictive Modeling

View Online TIBCO Spotfire Certified Professional TCP-SP Free Questions

1. Where is the smallest rectangle in the treemap visualization positioned?
A. Bottom-left corner
B. Top-right corner
C. Top-left corner
D. Bottom-right corner
Answer: D

2. Which is the right level of permission to be set for a folder in a library?
A. Access + Full Control
B. Browse + Modify
C. Browse + Access
D. Access + Modify
Answer: C

3. Which three of the following are property control types?
Choose 3 answers
A. Bookmarks
B. Hyperlinks
C. List boxes
D. Drop-down lists
E. Sliders
F. Buttons
Answer: C D E

4. Which custom expression function is used by when you auto-bin a numeric column?
A. BinByEvenDistributionQ
B. AutoBinNumeric()
C. AutoBinByLimitsO
D. BinBySpecifieLimits()
E. BinByStdDev()
Answer: B

5. What are the three different types of properties that can be linked to a property control?
Choose 3 answers
A. Document Properties
B. Text Area Properties
C. Data Table Properties
D. Column Properties
E. Visualization Properties
Answer: A C D

6. What file extension is used when saving a Spotfire analysis?
Answer: B

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