ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management CIS-SPM Exam Questions

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To help you pass the Certified Implementation Specialist – Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) exam, we recommend studying the latest ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management CIS-SPM Exam Questions from PassQuestion. These comprehensive CIS-SPM exam questions cover all the exam topics and are designed to ensure your success in the exam. By thoroughly studying these ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management CIS-SPM Exam Questions, you will gain a deep understanding of the subject matter and be well-prepared for the exam. Passing the exam successfully is crucial for obtaining the Certified Implementation Specialist – Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) certification, and with the help of PassQuestion CIS-SPM exam questions, you can confidently achieve this milestone in your career.

Certified Implementation Specialist – Strategic Portfolio Management (CIS-SPM) Exam Overview

The CIS-Strategic Portfolio Management certification is earned by successfully completing an online or onsite proctored exam. Passing this certification assures employees and peers that you possess the skills and knowledge to implement and configure components of Strategic Portfolio Management applications including Demand, Project and Resource. The CIS-Strategic Portfolio Management certification is designed for ServiceNow System Administrators, implementers, users, and consultants who need to understand what is Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), key processes and how does it function within the ServiceNow Platform.

Prerequisite and Recommended Experience

The Prerequisite ServiceNow Training for the Certified Implementation Specialist – Strategic Portfolio Management exam includes the completion of several training courses. These courses are designed to provide the foundational knowledge required for the exam. The recommended courses are "Welcome to ServiceNow," "ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals," "Get Started with Now Create (On Demand)," and "ServiceNow Platform Implementation."

In addition to the prerequisite training, it is also recommended to have a general familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms. It is also beneficial to have at least six months of field experience participating in ServiceNow deployment projects or maintaining ServiceNow instances.

ServiceNow CIS-SPM Exam Content

SPM Implementation Overview      2%

  • Overview of SPM
  • SPM Personas
  • Now Create Methodology

SPM Applications Overview      20%

  • Plugins
  • Store Applications
  • Tables & Data Models
  • Properties & Preferences
  • User & Role Administration
  • Group Administration

Idea & Demand Configuration      21%

  • Configuring Idea
  • Idea to Task Process Flow
  • Integrating Innovation Management with Universal Request
  • Idea to Demand
  • Defining Stakeholders
  • Assessments
  • Demand Visualization Capabilities

Resource Management Configuration      17%

  • Resource Allocation Workbench
  • State, Schedules, Calendars & Reports

Project Management Configuration      21%

  • Project Templates
  • Project Workspace
  • Planning Console
  • Investment Portal
  • Status Reports

Timecard Management Configuration       5%

  • Generate a Timecard
  • Categories & Policies
  • Rate Types

SPM Financials Configuration       8%

  • Cost Types & Fiscal Calendar
  • Financial Baseline & Planning Grid
  • Rate Model
  • Multi-Currency

Portfolio Planning Workspace Configuration     3%

  • Portfolio Planning Overview
  • Configuring the Portfolio Planning Workspace
  • Integrate Portfolio Planning with PPM
  • Capacity Planning

Performance Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards          2%

  • Performance Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards

Release Management and Digital Portfolio Management for SPM       2%

  • Release Management for SPM Overview
  • Digital Portfolio Management for SPM Overview

View Online ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management CIS-SPM Free Questions

1. PPM Standard integrates which of the following applications?
A. Demand Management, Service Management, Test Management, Resource Management
B. Ideation, Agile Development, Change Management, Resource Management, Project Management
C. Demand Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Portfolio Management
D. Operations Management, Agile Development, Test Management, Resource Management
Answer: C

2. What action would ensure milestones close automatically?
A. Validate that the ‘glide.cost_mgmt.process_task_top_task” property is set to true
B. Set the 'com.snc.project.auto_close_milestones' property to true
C. Edit the ‘com.snc.project.rollup.cost’ property to add the creation of a task expense line to the top task
D. Override the Dictionary attributes for the Expense field to add the ‘Create a task expense line for top task’ attribute and set it to true
Answer: B

3. What is the central location for idea collection, evaluation, and promotion?
A. Idea Portal
B. Demand Workbench
C. Project Workbench
D. Project Workspace
Answer: A

4. When can a resource requester request a change for a plan that was already submitted for review?
A. They cannot request a change once the plan has been submitted for review
B. If the plan is in an Allocated state
C. If the plan is in a Requested or Confirmed state
D. Only a resource manager can change a plan
Answer: C

5. What displays projects as cards based on filter criteria?
A. Project Status Report
B. My Projects Space
C. Planning Console
D. Project Workbench
Answer: B

6. What do approved time cards generate, on a project level?
A. Change requests
B. Resource plans
C. Cost plans
D. Expense lines
Answer: D

7. What is functional currency (the system currency) sometimes referred to as?
A. Reference currency
B. FX currency
C. Exchange rates
D. Load exchange rates
Answer: A

8. Which is a pre-defined lens in Portfolio Planning?
A. Company
B. Business Unit
C. Organization
D. Planning Items
Answer: C

9. Which dashboard gives an overview of investments, provides a pipeline view of upcoming intake, and a calendar view of upcoming dates?
A. PMO Dashboard
B. Portfolio Dashboard
C. Time Sheet Dashboard
D. Idea Manager Dashboard
Answer: A

10. Which application encompasses the planning, design, build, configuration, and testing of hardware and software releases to create a defined set of release components?
A. Digital Portfolio Management
B. Project Portfolio Management
C. Application Portfolio Management
D. Release Management
Answer: D

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