ServiceNow Performance Analytics CAS-PA Exam Questions

  Edina  02-22-2022

If you are wondering how you can improve your preparation level for the ServiceNow Certified Application Specialist - Performance Analytics Exam, then you should consider using PassQuestion ServiceNow Performance Analytics CAS-PA Exam Questions.  These ServiceNow Performance Analytics CAS-PA Exam Questions are real and authentic and will surely give you an idea about what to expect in your upcoming ServiceNow CAS-PA examination.  It is highly recommended to go through all of our ServiceNow Performance Analytics CAS-PA Exam Questions multiple times so you can achieve the best results.

ServiceNow Certified Application Specialist - Performance Analytics Exam

The Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics exam certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to perform the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of a ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution. The Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics exam is available to ServiceNow customers, partners, employees, and other practitioners interested in becoming ServiceNow Performance Analytics Certified Specialists.

CAS-PA Exam Objectives

Architecture and Deployment       10%

  • List the Performance Analytics solution components
  • Define Deployment Tasks and Sequence
  • Identify Common Use Cases
  • Recognize Personas and Stakeholders

Configure Indicators and Indicator Sources       26%

  • Configure Source Conditions and Facts Tables
  • Distinguish between Indicator Types
  • Define Indicator Configuration Properties
  • Create Aggregation Scripts

Configure Breakdowns and Breakdown Sources         22%

  • Configure Breakdown Sources
  • Perform Breakdown Mappings
  • Create Breakdown Matrix and apply Exclusions
  • Create Scripts for Scripted Breakdown Mappings
  • Configure Bucket Groups

Data Collection                12%

  • Define the Data Collection Process Flow
  • Configure Collection Configuration Properties
  • Fine-Tune and Troubleshoot Collection

Data Visualization         23%

  • Build Performance Analytics Widgets
  • Configure and apply Interactive Filters
  • Choose the Appropriate Visualization
  • Create Dashboards and Manage Access
  • Manage Dashboard Performance

Administration and Solutions            7%

  • Manage Configurations using the Admin Console
  • Accelerate deployment with Content Packs
  • Perform Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Configure Spotlight

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Which system property enables an administrator to allow specified user roles to select indicators as data sources from the Data Visualisation Configuration panel?
Answer : B

What condition do you use on the Elements Filter record for the 'Groups' Breakdown Source to get only groups that had an incident assigned to them?
A.By adding 'itil' to the Roles necessary to see the filter
B.By adding 'lncident->Assignment group' to the Related List Conditions
C.By adding 'itil' type to the 'Conditions'
D.By selecting 'Incident [incident]' for the Facts table
Answer : B

Which of the following can you do when you set a target for an indicator on the Analytics Hub? (Choose three.)
A.Set the improvement as a percentage.
B.Set a review date on which to consider updating the target.
C.Set the threshold as an improvement on the average score.
D.Set a start date in the future.
Answer : A, B, D

Which of the following styling options is NOT available with the data visualisation component configuration in workspaces?
A.Sort on categories in bar, pie, and donut visualisations based on table data sources.
B.Set default, palette, or single colour options for data display.
C.Change score sizes of single score visualisations.
D.Create a newvisualisation type with predefined styling.
Answer : D

Which of the following items can you view without the pa_viewer role if the indicator and breakdown ACLs are respected? (Choose two.)
A.Diagnostic Results
B.KPI Details
C.Analytics Hub
D.Widget Statistics
Answer : B, C

How are responsible users reminded when a signal remains unresolved?
A.Via Virtual Agent
B.Via Connect Chat
C.By email notification
D.By text message
Answer : C

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