ServiceNow CIS-Service Mapping CIS-SM Exam Questions

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PassQuestion new cracked ServiceNow CIS-Service Mapping CIS-SM Exam Questions to help you best prepare for your ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping exam. PassQuestion ensures the quality and value of the ServiceNow CIS-Service Mapping CIS-SM Exam Questions, let you can pass the CIS-SM exam successfully in your first studying. PassQuestion ServiceNow CIS-Service Mapping CIS-SM Exam Questions give you detailed and logical coverage of CIS-SM exam objectives, you can pass your ServiceNow CIS-SM exam with ease and confidence.

CIS-SM Exam Overview - ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping

The ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping exam certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to configure, administer, implement, and maintain the Service Mapping application with the ServiceNow system. The ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping exam is available to ServiceNow customers, partners, employees, and others interested in becoming a ServiceNow Implementer or Administrator.

Additional Knowledge & Experience

Six (6) months field experience and/or participation in at least two ITOM deployments predominantly Service Mapping
General familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms
Intermediate or above Windows and Unix administration skills

Exam Content and Domain

1 Service Mapping Pattern Design     30%

  • Pattern Designer (i.e. Debug, Steps, Temp variables, Command Line Console)
  • Operations (i.e. Match, Parse variable, Parse file, Parsing strategies)
  • Scripting (i.e. WMI, SSH, Regex, Command Line, SNMP)
  • Application Identification and Connection Sections (Patterns, Identification and Connection Sections, Troubleshooting)

2 Service Mapping Configuration 20%

  • Setup and Configuration (i.e. Configuration files,
  • Tuning, Applications, IP ranges, MID Servers, Icons)
  • Service Configuration (i.e. Entry points, CI Types, Credentials, Service Maps, Schedules, Service Groups, Technical Services, Service creation)
  • Service Mapping Process Flow (i.e. Process flow, Troubleshooting, Discovery Log)

3 Discovery Configuration  15%

  • Discovery Setup and Config (i.e. Behaviors, Clusters, IP Services, Schedules, MID Servers)
  • Discovery Process Flow (i.e. PCIE Phases, ECC Queue, Status, Discovered Device)
  • Discovery Troubleshooting (i.e. Discovery Errors, Authentication Errors, Duplicates, Credentials)

4 Event Management    10%

  • Event Setup and Configuration (i.e. Event Processing, Event Rules, Event Mapping Rules, Operator Workspace)
  • Alerts (i.e. Task Templates, Alert Rules, CI Binding)
  • Event Management Solution (i.e. Business Value, Definition, Positioning, Customer Conversations)

5 Configuration Management Database    15%

  • CI Class Management (i.e. CMDB Health Dashboard, CI Class Manager, CMDB Tables, Reclassification, CMDB Relationships)
  • CMDB Identification and Reconciliation (i.e. Identification Rules, Reconciliation Rules, Datasource Precedence Rules, CMDB Deduplication Tasks)

6 Service Mapping Engagement Readiness   10%

  • Scoping (i.e. Service definition, Shared services, Licensing, Supported Applications)
  • Planning (i.e. Implementation Skill Sets, MID Server Requirements, Implementation Requirements, Security Requirements)
  • Operationalizing IT (i.e. Measurable KPI improvements, Service Mapping Benefits, Service Mapping Use Cases)

View Online Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping CIS-SM Free Questions

NO.1 Which of the following are benefits a service map can bring during an Incident resolution? (Choose three.)
A. Quickly identifies any recent incidents that occurred on components of the impacted service.
B. Narrows down possible affected components when a service is impacted.
C. Helps reduce the number of unplanned changes in a customer environment.
D. Helps pinpoint code errors after a faulty application is identified.
E. Quickly identifies any recent changes performed on components of the impacted service.
Answer: C,D,E

NO.2 In Event Management, if a Message key is not passed from an Event, which of the following Alert fields combine to populate the Message key on an Alert?
A. Task, Description, Created
B. Node, Type, Resource, Number
C. Source, Number, Task
D. Source, Node, Type, Resource
Answer: D

NO.3 In ServiceNow Discovery, which one of the following phases is the server RAM value discovered?
A. Port scan
B. Classification
C. Classification and Identification
D. Identification and Exploration
Answer: C

NO.4 During ServiceNow Discovery, which one of the following is the approximate number of host IPs that are port scanned with a Discovery Schedule configured with an IP network as shown?
A. ~5 million
B. ~1 million
C. ~65 thousand
D. ~500,000 thousand
Answer: C

NO.5 Which one of the following Linux commands can be used by a non root user to return the process ID listening on port 8080?
A. sudo netstat -an -p TCP | grep :8080
B. sudo netstat -anp | grep :8080
C. netstat -anp | grep :8080
D. netstat -an -pid * | grep :8080
Answer: C

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