ServiceNow CIS-SIR Exam Questions - Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response

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ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response

The Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response exam certifies that a successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to implement Security Incident Response applications.The Certified Implementation Specialist- Security Incident Response exam is available to ServiceNow customers, partners, employees, and others interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response.

Additional Recommended Experience

• Three (3) to six (6) months field experience participating in a ServiceNow Security Incident response deployment project or maintaining the SIR application suite in a ServiceNow instance.
• General familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms

Exam Topics

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Incident severity is influenced by the business value of the affected asset.
Which of the following are asset types that can be affected by an incident? (Choose two.)
A.Business Service
B.Configuration Item
C.Calculator Group
D.Severity Calculator
Answer : A, B

A pre-planned response process contains which sequence of events?
A.Organize, Analyze, Prioritize, Contain
B.Organize, Detect, Prioritize, Contain
C.Organize, Prepare, Prioritize, Contain
D.Organize, Verify, Prioritize, Contain
Answer : A

Why is it important that the Platform (System) Administrator and the Security Incident administrator role be separated? (Choose three.)
A.Access to security incident data may need to be restricted
B.Allow SIR Teams to control assignment of security roles
C.Clear separation of duty
D.Reduce the number of incidents assigned to the Platform Admin
E.Preserve the security image in the company
Answer : B, C, D

Using the KB articles for Playbooks tasks also gives you which of these advantages?
A.Automated activities to run scans and enrich Security Incidents with real time data
B.Automated activities to resolve security Incidents through patching
C.Improved visibility to threats and vulnerabilities
D.Enhanced ability to create and present concise, descriptive tasks
Answer : C

Which of the following process definitions are not provided baseline?
B.SAN Stateful
C.NIST Stateful
Answer : A

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