Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Exam Questions

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Are you ready to start your preparation for the HPE2-W11 Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions exam? PassQuestion is here to provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Exam Questions for acing the test with flying colors. By accessing the extensive collection of Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Exam Questions from PassQuestion, you will not only gain invaluable insights into the latest topics and trends but also develop a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, ensuring your resounding success in this crucial examination.

Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions

The exam tests the candidate's ability to identify and qualify sales opportunities for HPE Aruba Networking products, solutions, and services. The ideal candidate is a sales individual who prospects, qualifies, and proposes HPE Aruba Networking solutions to help solve customers' challenges. Examples of job roles include Account Executives, Field Sales, Inside Sales, and Sales Support.

Exam Information

Exam ID: HPE2-W11
Exam type: Web-based
Exam duration: 1 hour
Exam length: 40 questions
Passing score: 70%
Delivery languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish

Exam Objectives

5%    1.  Trends/market context

1.1 Describe the trends that influence HPE Aruba Networking customers’ buying decisions at the edge
1.2 Discuss the initiatives and trends that apply to the different customer persona's concerns

8%    2.  Customer business objectives

2.1 Determine customer business objectives through customer conversations
2.2 Identify customer business objectives based on persona
2.3 Identify current challenges at the edge

17%   3.  HPE Aruba Networking strategy/where to play

3.1 Articulate the HPE Aruba Networking strategy
3.2 Map the HPE Aruba Networking strategy to customer objectives and outcomes
3.3 Align an HPE Aruba Networking solution to the expected business outcome

17%   4.  How to win/competitive/winning strategy

4.1 Compare and contrast HPE Aruba Networking's value, solutions, and strategy with competitors'
4.2 Describe how HPE Aruba Networking's value proposition differentiates us in the marketplace

12%   5.  HPE Aruba Networking Value Proposition/HPE Aruba Networking ESP 

5.1 Articulate the value proposition of the HPE Aruba Networking ESP portfolio
5.2 Articulate the components of the HPE Aruba Networking ESP portfolio

23%   6.  Selling Solutions

6.1 Identify the features and benefits of the Unified Infrastructure portfolio solutions
6.2 Demonstrate how HPE Aruba Networking helps resolves customer's connectivity challenges
6.3  Identify the features and benefits of the AIOps portfolio solutions 
6.4 Articulate the value of how HPE Aruba Networking helps customers analyze and act
6.5 Identify the features and benefits of the Zero Trust portfolio solutions
6.6 Articulate the value of how HPE Aruba Networking helps customers protect their environment

18%   7. Services/Support/Consumption Trends

7.1 Explain why organizations are changing the way they purchase and consume IT services
7.2 Articulate the value of how HPE Aruba Networking helps customers consume connectivity as a service to accelerate their business objectives
7.3 Describe the features and benefits of HPE Aruba Networking support and services.
7.4 Describe the range of flexible consumption services HPE Aruba Networking offers and the value these services provide HPE Aruba Networking customers and partners.

View Online Selling HPE Aruba Networking Solutions HPE2-W11 Free Questions

1. You are attempting to determine if a customer might be a good candidate for WAN transformation with HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect. What is one challenge to which you should listen?
A.The customer needs to improve security for microservices in the data center.
B.The customer tried to implement location-based services in the past but found it too difficult.
C.The customers' admins struggle to manage wired and wireless devices together.
D.The customers' branch users experience poor performance for cloud applications.
Answer: D

2. Based on recent trends, which common challenge can HPE Aruba Networking help customers overcome?
A.Struggles in optimizing overprovisioned networks for a lower-edge device load.
B.Difficulties making employees understand that it is impossible to access applications securely from home.
C.Difficulties providing secure, consistent connectivity for remote workers.
D.Struggles in accommodating the shift of data away from the edge to the main corporate data center.
Answer: C

3. You think a customer might be a good candidate for HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect. You are having a conversation with two network admins, who are key technical influencers. What is one good topic to discuss with these customers, based on their persona?
A.Why on-prem security solutions are superior to cloud-delivered security.
B.The customer's disaster recovery plan in case of widespread natural disaster.
C.How much time they spend getting branch sites set up and troubleshooting issues.
D.Why MPLS is a superior technology as compared to other WAN technologies.
Answer: C

4. Which approach does HPE Aruba Networking ESP (Edge Services Platform) take toward network management?
A.Providing many separate management tools, each specialized for a different customer requirement.
B.Avoiding integration with third-party solutions so that customers receive a simpler, edge-to-edge solution.
C.Prioritizing on-prem management, as it is the only way for customers to manage their network assets securely.
D.Providing a unified platform from which the customer can manage all wired and wireless devices across multiple sites.
Answer: D

5. What approach does Aruba Edge Service Platform (ESP) take towards IT operations?
A.It applies machine learning to large data sets to identify issues and recommend fixes or optimizations automatically.
B.It simplifies management by taking a one-size-fits all approach in which most settings are non-customizable.
C.It relies on expert IT admins who work in specialized teams to manage their segment of the Aruba network.
D.It uses a distributed analytics approach in which operators gain visibility into local issues.
Answer: A

6. You are discussing a network upgrade with a mid-sized customer. The customer is worried about future-proofing the network. What should you explain about HPE Aruba Networking ESP?
A.The customer will need to replace APs to migrate from a mid-sized to an enterprise architecture; however, HPE Aruba Networking offers buy-back incentives.
B.HPE Aruba Networking makes it easy for customers to obtain enterprise-level features on existing switches; the customers must simply purchase Enterprise licenses.
C.The customer can easily expand from a mid-sized to an enterprise deployment using the same HPE Aruba Networking Central management platform.
D.HPE Aruba Networking can guarantee the customer access to future Wi-Fi standards through software upgrades rather than hardware upgrades.
Answer: C

7. Which characteristic indicates a good opportunity for an HPE GreenLake for Aruba solution?
A.Preferring to use network equipment beyond typical refresh cycles
B.Being focused on budget and price-per-unit
C.Preferring in-house support and maintenance
D.Being under pressure to prove regulatory compliance
Answer: D

8. You are meeting with a customer's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and want to open a discovery conversation about HPE Aruba Networking Edge-to-Cloud Security solutions. What is one topic you should discuss?
A.How dependent the organization is on video conferencing and other collaboration applications and whether the CISO understands how to patch those applications' vulnerabilities.
B.How dependent the organization is on manually defined security policies and what risks the organization runs if admins make errors in those policies.
C.Whether the CISO understands the encryption technologies that are improving security for modern wireless networks.
D.Whether the CISO understands the value of a single-vendor, end-to-end security solution and is ready to commit to a single vendor.
Answer: B

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