Selling HP Workstations 2022 HP2-I44 Dumps

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Passing HP2-I44 exam is the required exam to earn HP Certified – Workstations [2022] certification. PassQuestion Selling HP Workstations 2022 HP2-I44 Dumps will provide you with everything that you need to learn, prepare and pass the HP Sales Certified HP2-I44 exam with good scores. All these Selling HP Workstations 2022 HP2-I44 Dumps are designed to ace your HP2-I44 exam preparation process and boost your confidence to pass the final HP2-I44 certification exam. Our Selling HP Workstations 2022 HP2-I44 Dumps are the most reliable solution to quickly prepare for your HP HP2-I44 exam. We are certain that our Selling HP Workstations 2022 HP2-I44 Dumps will guide you to get certified on the first try. 

Selling HP Workstations 2022 (HP2-I44) Exam

Earners of the HP Certified – Workstations [2022] certification have demonstrated proficiency in uncovering customer needs, matching those needs with the appropriate HP workstation solutions, articulating the value and benefits of HP workstations to customers, positioning HP workstations within various verticals and against competition, and overcoming objections. The earner has successfully passed the Pearson VUE-based certification exam HP2-I44 (Selling HP Workstations 2022) with a score of 70% or higher.

Exam Information

Exam Code: HP2-I44
Exam Name: Selling HP Workstations 2022
Number of questions: 30 multiple choice
Passing score: 70%
Delivery: Pearson VUE
Certification: HP Certified – Workstations [2022]

Exam Skills

Consultative Sales
Consultative Selling
Creative Pros
Data Sciences
Foundational Sales Skills
High End Compute
Multiple Industry Verticals
Remote Computing
Virtual Reality (VR)

View Online Selling HP Workstations 2022 HP2-I44 Free Questions

Which statements correctly describe the 2022 design trends in Zbook G9? (Select two.)
A.See 11% more horizontal space with the 16:10 screen (as compared to the 16:9 screen)
B.Look sharper in Zoom calls with a up to 5MP camera
C.Maximize screen area; eliminate dead space
D.Increase camera resolution for better teleconferencing from G8 HD (720p) to G9 QHO (1440p)
Answer: C, D

Which are the correct questions to ask to identify OEM opportunities? (Select two.)
A.What has been your biggest challenge when keeping up with your competition this year?
B.Where is the customer's revenue coming from?
C.Which types of tools will you leverage for successfully executing your plan?
D.Who is taking the decision on the Z configuration?
Answer: B, D

Which statements correctly describe the HP ExtendXR features that make VR deploying quick, easy, and scalable? (Select three.)
A.HP ExtendXR can manage HMDs intelligently by measuring the cognitive load with the HP Omnicept SDK.
B.HP ExtendXR can manage HP and Android-based standalone VR HMDs simply and securely.
C.HP ExtendXR can manage tethered VR headsets and plans to support Android-based standalone VR devices in 2023.
D.HP ExtendXR can control the HMD experience with the Kiosk mode and the customizable launcher.
E.HP ExtendXR can deploy apps and updates remotely via a web-browser console.
Answer: A, B, C

Which statements correctly describe the schematic of the Omnrverse platform? {Select two.)
A.3D collaborators can connect to Omniverse Nucleus with Omnrverse Connectors to work together seamlessly.
B.When connecting to Omniverse, a 3D collaborator can export their model, and the second 3D collaborator can import the model in a different application, resulting in pipeline workflow.
C.To enable collaborations among heterogeneous applications, Omnrverse Nucleus maintains different versions of the same model for each application.
D.Omniverse Nucleus is the database and collaboration engine that enables the interchange of 3D assets and scene descriptions.
Answer: C, D

Which statements correctly describe the 2022 Zbook innovations of HP Context Aware? (Select two.)
A.When on-the-go, HP Context Aware makes the ZBook optimized for device performance.
B.HP Context Aware uses motion sensors to recognize whether ZBook is on a table or in your lap.
C.When on your lap, HP Context Aware would reduce temperature by 5C.
D.When on a table. HP Context Aware makes ZBook more responsive.
Answer: A, C

How does HP add value to Nvdiva Ommverse Enterprise to deliver co-creation platform for 3D workflows? (Select two.)
A.HP ExtendXR enables deploying apps and updates remotely via the web-browser console for Metaverse projects.
B.HP Anyware provides 30 content authoring applications for multiple content creators to co-create using a single project file.
C.The Teradici CAS remoting software enables remote creators to access the compute resources remotely with a color-accurate, distortion-free graphics experience.
D.Z by HP provides the power to run graphics and data-intensive workflows, while also providing world-leading security.
Answer: C, D

What are the key benefits of Z by HP for Data Science customers? (Select three.)
A.Facial recognition for system login
B.Human genome mapping software stack
C.Enhanced cloud experience
D.Pre-loaded software stack
E.Performance optimized for data science
Answer: A, B, D

Which ZBook mobile workstation is ideal for Data Science users who need the most performance?
B.ZBook Power G9
C.ZBook Firefly G9
D.ZBook Studio G9
Answer: D

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