SCA-C01 Practice Test Questions For Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam

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What is Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam?

This exam is for those who have a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment and approximately 4-6 months of experience. Typical roles include System Administrator or Consultant. Upon successful completion of this exam, candidates are awarded the title of Tableau Server Certified Associate. This title is active for two years from the date achieved.There are no required prerequisites for this exam.

Exam Information

  • Time Limit: 90 minutes total (3 minutes for reviewing the NDA; 87 minutes for exam)
  • Exam Check-in: Check-in begins 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time.
  • Question Format: Multiple choice, Multiple response
  • Number of Questions: 55 (50 scored; 5 unscored)
  • Scoring: Candidate's score will be presented after the exam in the ‘View Score Reports’ tab of their Pearson VUE account.
  • Passing Score: The passing scaled score for the Server Certified Associate exam is 750.
  • Language(s) Offered: English; translated exams to follow.
  • Exam Delivery Provider: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Delivery Method: Testing center and online delivery are both available

Exam Domains

Domain 1: Connecting to & Preparing Data

  • 1.1 User Experience
  • 1.2 Topology
  • 1.3 Versions
  • 1.4 Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • 1.5 Software Requirements
  • 1.6 Licensing
  • 1.7 Server Processes
  • 1.8 Data Source Identification
  • 1.9 Infrastructure Network

Domain 2: Installation & Configuration

  • 2.1 Installation
  • 2.2 Tableau Server Configuration
  • 2.3 Adding Users
  • 2.4 Security
  • 2.5 Permissions

Domain 3: Administration

  • 3.1 Understand how to:
  • 3.2 Describe how to: 
  • 3.3 Contrast end-user with System-administrator capabilities
  • 3.4 End-user Abilities
  • 3.5 Understand: 

Domain 4: Troubleshooting

  • 4.1 Understand requirements of third party cookies in a browser
  • 4.2 Understand how to:

Domain 5: Migration & Upgrade

  • 5.1 Understand the upgrade process
  • 5.2 Explain how and why to perform a clean reinstall
  • 5.3 Describe how to migrate to different hardware
  • 5.4 Understand backwards compatibility

View Online Tableau Server Certified Associate SCA-C01 Free Questions

What is the highest level of access for Tableau Online?
A.Server Administrator
B.Site Administrator Creator
C.Site Administrator Explorer
Answer: B

What is the file extension of the server topology and configuration backup data generated with the tsm settings export command?
Answer: A

After performing a full backup and restore of Tableau Server, you may want to re-encrypt your extracts using different encryption keys. Which command below achieves this?
A.tabcmd reencryptextracts <site-name>
B.tsm reencryptextracts <site-name>
C.tabcmd extracts-reencrypt <site-name>
D.tsm extracts-reencrypt <site-name>
Answer: A

Which of the following IS NOT part of the Explore template of capabilities that can be configured for workbooks?
B.Download Full Data
C.Web Edit
D.Share Customized
Answer: A

Which of the following backup assets require a manual process since they are not backed up by TSM? (Select all)
A.Authentication-related assets such as certificate files, key files, keytab files
B.Customization settings (e.g. custom headers, logos)
C.Coordination Service deployment configuration
D.The public certificate and private key for the internal PostgreSQL database
Answer: ABC

Which of the following capabilities are ALLOWED for a Viewer site role? (Select all)
A.Can set data-driven alerts
B.Can web-edit content
C.Can subscribe to views and download as images or summary data
D.Can see published views others have created
Answer: CD

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