SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager POPM (6.0) SAFe-POPM Exam Questions

  Edina  12-23-2023

To ensure your success in passing the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager POPM (6.0) exam, we highly recommend utilizing the comprehensive resources available to you. One such resource is the latest SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager POPM (6.0) SAFe-POPM Exam Questions provided by PassQuestion. These SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager POPM (6.0) SAFe-POPM Exam Questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the exam material, allowing you to effectively prepare and ultimately achieve certification with confidence.

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager POPM (6.0) 

The SAFe-POPM (6.0) exam is a certification offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. It evaluates the knowledge and abilities of individuals working as Product Owners or Product Managers in a SAFe environment. The exam covers a range of topics related to product management, agile practices, and the role of Product Owners and Product Managers in organizations implementing SAFe. Passing the exam demonstrates proficiency in these areas and confirms the individual's capability to effectively fulfill the role in a SAFe context.

Becoming a certified POPM professional opens up opportunities to advance your career as a skilled Product professional and Scaled Agile Framework expert. In addition to honing your product management skills, passing the SAFe-POPM certification exam grants you a SAFe POPM certification, granting you access to an exclusive community of SAFe-certified professionals worldwide.

Exam Information

Duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 45
Passing Score: 80%
Delivery: Web-based, closed book, no outside assistance
Cost: First attempt included in the course registration fee if taken within 30 days of course completion
Retake Fee: $50; $250 for SPC
Retake Policy: First retake - May be taken immediately after the first failed attempt. 
Second retake - May be taken 10 days after the first retake.
Third retake - May be taken 30 days after the second retake. 
All subsequent retakes require a 30-day wait.

Exam Objectives

Product Owner/Product Management Roles and Responsibilities (14-16%)

  • SAFe for Product Owner/Product Management
  • The Lean-Agile mindset 
  • Value Streams
  • Product Owner/Product Management Responsibilities

PI Planning Preparation (21-24%)

  • PI Planning 
  • The Solution Vision
  • Solution and PI Roadmaps 
  • Customer-centric Features 
  • ART Backlog and Kanban 

Leadership for PI Planning (14-16%)

  • The Vision and PI Planning 
  • PI Objectives 
  • ART Planning Boad and Dependencies
  • Risks and the End of PI Planning

Iteration Execution (30-32%)

  • Stories and Story Maps
  • Iteration Planning
  • The Team Kanban
  • Backlog Refinement
  • Iteration Review and Iteration Retrospective
  • DevOps and Release on Demand 

PI Execution (14-16%)

  • PO Sync
  • System Demo
  • The Innovation and Planning Iteration
  • Inspect and Adapt

View Online SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager POPM (6.0) SAFe-POPM Free Questions

1. What can increase the effectiveness of Backlog Refinement?
A. Include a few team members
B. Refine Stories during Iteration Planning
C. Schedule the event on a regular cadence
D. Have separate meetings with subject matter experts
Answer: C

2. What is one input to the Vision?
A. Customer feedback
B. Team topologies
C. Feature context
D. Portfolio Backlog
Answer: A

3. What is one responsibility of Product Management?
A. Managing and prioritizing the Team Backlog
B. Supporting the team in delivering value
C. Connecting with the Customer
D. Building the Solution
Answer: C

4. Communicating and refining the Vision to the Agile Release Train during PI Planning supports which SAFe Core Value?
A. Relentless Improvement
B. Alignment
C. Respect for People
D. Transparency
Answer: B

5. Which two items are part of the SAFe Core Values? (Choose two)
A. DevOps
B. Decentralized decision-making
C. Program execution
D. Innovation
E. Build-in Quality
Answer: C, E

6. When should a Product Owner (PO) develop preliminary Iteration Goals in the context of PI Planning?
A. In a Backlog Refinement meeting
B. During Iteration Planning
C. Prior to iteration planning
D. During PI Planning
Answer: C

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