S1000-007 Practice Test Questions - IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty

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IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty

An individual who has completed the IBM AIX V7 Administrator Specialty has acquired limited experience working with AIX V7.  This individual has a broad understanding of AIX administration tasks, can operate with guidance, knows where to look for answers, and can apply this knowledge.

Exam Details

Exam Code: S1000-007
Exam Name: IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty
Number of questions: 46
Number of questions to pass: 31
Time allowed: 75 minutes
Languages: English

Exam Sections

Section 1: System Management  18%
Section 2: Software Management  13%
Section 3: Storage Management  17%
Section 4: System & Network Security  11%
Section 5: Network Management  13%
Section 6: Performance Management & Tuning  13%
Section 7: Problem Determination & Management  15%

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Which two additional commands should an AIX V7.2 administrator run after mirroring the rootvg with mirrorvg command?
Answer: A, C

Which command should be used to perform a graceful shutdown and reboot of an AIX LPAR?
Answer: B

How are console log messages recorded by AIX?
Answer: C

An administrator finds that their development server has crashed and an error code 554 is displayed. They know that this error is typically associated with a problem executing varyon rootvg and they should boot from AIX Media to be able to perform maintenance tasks. When the administrator checks the crontab of the NIM server, they find that a mksysb image is created each night.
Can the administrator use this mlcsysb to boot the server and perform the required maintenance tasks?
A.Yes, but they may need to create a machine resource first.
B.Yes, but they may need to create a spot first.
C.No, because they need to use the original AIX installation media for that server.
D.No, because mksysb is not bootable.
Answer: D

Which statement is true regarding the snap command?
A.It collects performance related data.
B.By default, it will check there is enough space where the data is to be stored.
C.C. All options are enabled by default.
D.The data must be stored in /tmp.
Answer: A

An application administrator needs an account on the AIX server, but does not know it which group it should belong. What is the default group for AIX users, if one was not specified during creation of the account?
A.no group
B.the group name will be the same as the user name
Answer: B

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