Real S1000-009 Questions and Answers - IBM PowerVC v2.0 Administrator Specialty

  Edina  01-25-2022

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IBM PowerVC v2.0 Administrator Specialty Certification

A candidate pursuing the IBM PowerVC V2.0 Administrator Specialty has knowledge and experience planning, installing, configuring, and managing virtualization on POWER, and a good understanding of various VM deployment methods. An understanding of the internal components of the software solution and the hardware architecture around it is also important. They should have basic POWER operating system knowledge, and a good understanding of storage and network infrastructures. They should have knowledge of PowerVM capabilities such as Live Partition Mobility (LPM). 

Exam Details

Number of questions: 40
Number of questions to pass: 29
Time allowed: 75 minutes
Language: English
Price per exam: $100 USD
Certification: IBM PowerVC v2.0 Administrator Specialty

Exam Sections

Section 1: Identify the hardware and software requirements for PowerVC   17%
Section 2: Describe how to Prepare, install, upgrade, and configure PowerVC   16%
Section 3: Describe how to manage the power environment with PowerVC  37%
Section 4: Describe how to manage PowerVC for Private Cloud     15%
Section 5: Describe integration options for PowerVC   12%
Section 6: Describe integration options for PowerVC with Public Cloud    3%

View Online IBM PowerVC v2.0 Administrator Specialty S1000-009 Free Questions

After the installation of PowerVC, which of these directories houses the PowerVC configuration and database files?
Answer: A

Which command is used to check the currently installed PowerVC version? /opt/ibm/powervc/ /var/log/powervc/version
C.powervc-config version
Answer: C

What is displayed in the Image volumes section when creating a Deploy template?
A.Optical media volume
B.Data volumes only
C.Snapshot volume
D.Boot and data volumes

What does the terraform state show command do?
A.The command does a preview of the slate before applying changes
B.The command is used to list all resources in PowerVC
C.the command is used to inspect the current state of a specific resource
D.the command is used to apply the changes required to reach the desired slate of the VM configuration
Answer: B

What is true about the administrator assistant role?
A.The administrator assistant role is part of PowerVC for Private Cloud to manage cloud related tasks.
B.The administrator assistant has similar privileges as an administrator, but is not allowed to do remove or delete operations.
C.An administrator assistant role has (he same privileges as an administrator but cannot JTs logged-in al the same time as an administrator.
D.An administrator assistant has all privileges, but an administrator must approve the tasks before these will be executed.
Answer: B

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