Qlik Replicate (QREP) Certification Exam Questions

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QREP Qlik Replicate Certification is one of the comprehensive exams involved in Data Integration Certifications. PassQuestion provides the latest and most up-to-date Qlik Replicate (QREP) Certification Exam Questions, which are meticulously based on actual exam questions and answers. These resources are crafted to allow you to thoroughly test your knowledge and skills, ensuring you are well-prepared for the certification exam. By utilizing these updated Qlik Replicate (QREP) Certification Exam Questions, you'll be equipped with the necessary tools and confidence to pass your exam with guaranteed success. Furthermore, the continuous updates to these questions reflect the current trends and changes in the certification, making sure you are always studying relevant and accurate material.

Qlik Replicate Certification

The Qlik Replicate exam measures your ability to design, manage, and troubleshoot within the Qlik Data Integration Replicate platform. This exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 2 hours. To be eligible for the exam, candidates should have at least one year of practical experience with the Replicate platform. They should also possess expertise in using the platform to onboard different sources and address various targets, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the components that comprise the Replicate platform.

Qlik Replicate Certification Exam Topics

Design (47%)

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements to create and manage endpoints
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the architecture
  • Determine which type of task should be used and its associated task settings
  • Given a requirement, determine which transformation to use

Operations (8%)

  • Determine when and why to start or stop a task
  • Identify options to handle task metadata

Troubleshooting (22%)

  • Identify how to get logs from a task
  • Determine the settings for error handling and debug logs
  • Identify how to get a diagnostic package
  • Debug errors using the attrep_apply_exceptions table

Administration (23%)

  • Identify server settings
  • Match user types to roles
  • Determine how to setup the Enterprise Manager
  • List the different deployment options

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1. Which is the possible Escalate Action for Table Errors?
A.Log Record to the Exceptions Table
B.No Escalate Action
C.Suspend Table
D.Stop Task
Answer: D

2. Which are limitations associated with Qlik Replicate stream endpoint types (e.g.. Kafka orAzure Event Hubs)? (Select two.)
A.The Apply Changes replication option is not supported.
B.The Full Load replication option is not supported
C.Associated tasks filling those endpoint types cannot be stopped.
D.The Store Changes replication option is not supported.
E.The DROP and CREATE table target table preparation option is not supported
Answer: D, E

3. A Qlik Replicate administrator will use Parallel load during full load Which three ways does Qlik Replicate offer? (Select three.)
A.Use Data Ranges
B.Select specific tables and columns
C.Use Partitions - Use all partitions - Use main\sub-partitions
D.Use Time and Date Ranges in the date and time columns
E.User chooses a list of columns and set of values that define ranges
F.Use Partitions - Specify partitions\sub-partitions
Answer: A, C, F

4. Where are the three options in Qlik Replicate used to read the log files located? (Select three.)
A.In Windows Event log
B.In Diagnostic package
C.In External monitoring tool
D.In Data directory of Installation
E.In Monitor of Qlik Replicate
F.In Enterprise Manager
Answer: B, D, E

5. A Qlik Replicate administrator has stopped the Qlik Replicate services.
Which are the next three steps to change the Data Directory location on Windows? (Select three.)
A.Update the Windows Registry
B.Uninstall Qlik Replicate and reinstall with the option to move the data directory to a different location
C.Copy the data directory to a shared drive and keep all tasks running
D.Stop the Attunity Replicate Ul Server and Attunity Replicate Server services
E.Move the data directory to a new location
F.Start the Attunity Replicate services
Answer: A, E, F

6. A Qlik Replicate administrator needs to configure Oracle as a source endpoint before running a task in Qlik Replicate Which are three key prerequisites? (Select three.)
A.Enable supplemental logging
B.Install the Oracle Instant Client
C.Complete a full backup of the source
D.Enable ARCHIVELOG mode
E.Provide Oracle read-only privileges
F.Configure Oracle Recovery Model
Answer: A, B, D

7. What is the directory for the ODBC drivers in Qlik Replicate?
Answer: C

8. During the process of handling data errors, the Qlik Replicate administrator recognizes that data might be truncated Which process should be used to maintain full table integrity?
A.Stop Task
B.Suspend Table
C.Ignore Record
D.Log record to the exceptions table
Answer: D

9. In the CDC mode of a Qlik Replicate task, which option can be set for Batch optimized apply mode?
A.Source connection processes
B.Number of changed records
C.Time and/or volume
D.Maximum time to batch transactions
Answer: C

10. AQlik Replicate administrator is creating a task to replicate the data from one RDBMS to another After the administrator starts the task, the following error message appears: "Cannot create the specific schema".
Which method should the administrator use to fix this issue?
A.Drop and recreate the task
B.Reload the target so that the problem is fixed automatically
C.Create the schema manually in the target
D.Test the target endpoint connection to confirm that it can connect
Answer: C

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