PCLSA Architecture Version 8.5 PEGAPCLSA85V1 Practice Test Questions

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Are you worried about your PEGAPCLSA85V1 Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 85V1 exam? PassQuestion provides the latest PCLSA Architecture Version 8.5 PEGAPCLSA85V1 Practice Test Questions to help you understand the concepts of all the topics of the Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA85V1 Exam.With the help of PCLSA Architecture Version 8.5 PEGAPCLSA85V1 Practice Test Questions, you can prepare for your PCLSA certification PEGAPCLSA85V1 Exam on your own in a short time.PassQuestion promises you that you will be able to pass your Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA85V1 exam in just one attempt with confidence.

Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 85V1

The Pega Certified Lead System Architect (PCLSA) certification is for Pega Certified Senior System Architects (PCSSAs) with at least 12+ months of field experience who are ready to extend their experience and knowledge of building Pega-based applications.The Pega Architecture Exam is the first of two exams that are required for PCLSA certification: The LSA Application Build is required after successful completion of the Pega Architecture exam.

The Pega LSA Architecture Version 8.5 exam focuses on design and architecture of Pega applications. The LSA role is broad in scope: The exam covers material throughout the entire SA, SSA, advanced topics, & LSA course curriculum. The exam includes scenario questions, multiple choice questions and drag/drop items. If multiple answers are required, the text states how many answers are needed. PCLSA certification requires passing the Pega Architecture Exam and an Application design/build. Pega Senior Certified System Architect (P/CSSA) certification in any version is required to start the PCLSA certification program.

Exam Details

  • Exam Code: PEGAPCLSA85V1
  • Version: Pega Architecture Version 8.5
  • Type of Exam: 60 questions
  • Format: scenario, multiple choice and drag & drop questions
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Passing Grade: 65%

PEGAPCLSA85V1 Exam Objectives

  • Pega Platform Design (13%)
  • Application Design (12%)
  • Data Model Design (12%)
  • User Experience Design (7%)
  • Security Design (12%)
  • Reporting Design (12%)
  • Asynchronous Processing Design (10%)
  • Work Delegation Design (12%)
  • Deployment and Testing Design (10%)

View Online Pega LSA Architecture Version 8.5 PEGAPCLSA85V1 Free Questions

Inconsistent formatting of phone numbers is causing, usability issues. You hnvo been asked to enh interface to ensure all phone numbers are automatically reformatted consistently.
Which two options incorporate best practices for applying the required formatting? (Choose Two)
A. Configure an Edit Input rule.
B. Configure an Edit Validate rule.
C. Configure a Custom Control.
D. Configure a Declare Constraint rule.
Answer: A,B

XYZ Corporation would like a report that shows the number of employees who have been with the company more than 20 years, between 15 and 20 years, between 10 and 15 years, between 5 and 10 years, and less than 5 years.
How do you implement this report using Pega?
A. Use a correlated subreport.
B. Use a SQL Function.
C. Use a Connect-SQL rule.
D. Use a listView with a custom getContent Activity.
Answer: A

A case can be withdrawn using a local action. You want to restrict the ability to withdraw a case to the user who created the case or any work group manager of the user. Select three rule types used in combination to achieve this functionality. (choose three)
A. Access Control Policy
B. Access Deny
C. Access When
D. Privilege
E. Access of Role to Object
Answer: B,D,E

APP Studio created a data type in the Organization layer for Quote data called BCO-Data Quote. How do you help users find rules from this data class when working in APP Studio?
A. Create a BCO-QI -Data-Quote class that inherits from BCO Data-Quote.
B. Copy the fields In the data class to the BCO QT Work- class so all subclasses can see the Quote rules.
C. Select each rule you want to reuse in the application as a relevant record.
D. Use a Data Reference to configure the rules that you need from the BCO-Data-Quote class.
Answer: C

A purchase order application allows users in their work group to read and write purchase request cases. When the total amount exceeds usd10,000 however, only the work group manger can read and write the case. Select two configuration that satisfy the requirement.(choose two)
A. Configure the worklist to only display purchase requests greater than USD10.000 for the work group manager.
B. Configure conditional access in Access Manager to read and write a purchase request case when the amount is less than USD 10.000.
C. Use a reads access control policy with a condition that verifies the amount is less than USD10.000.
D. Add a privilege to the case type class that is conditionally granted when the purchase request amount is less than USD 10.000.
Answer: A,B

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