PCDC Version 8.5 Certification PEGAPCDC85V1 Exam Questions

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How to Start Preparation for PCDC Version 8.5 PEGAPCDC85V1 Exam? PassQuestion released new PCDC Version 8.5 Certification PEGAPCDC85V1 Exam Questions to help you and all the candidates to prepare for PCDC certification. PCDC Version 8.5 Certification PEGAPCDC85V1 Exam Questions contain 60 practice exam questions, the most important is, all the answers have been proved and verified by our customers and experienced team. We ensure that it is necessary to choose PassQuestion new PEGAPCDC85V1 Exam Questions for passing Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) version 8.5 exam in the first go.

Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant(PCDC) Certification

The Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) certification is for professionals participating in the design and development of a Pega Decision Management or a Customer Decision Hub solution. The skills and knowledge areas required for these roles form the basis for the certification exam. This certification ensures you have the skills to apply design principles of Next-Best-Action Designer, Decision Strategies, and Predictive Analytics.

The PCDC Version 8.5 exam includes multiple choice, scenario, and drag/drop questions. If multiple answers are required, the text states how many responses are needed.

PCDC Version 8.5 Certification Path

Exam Code: PEGAPCDC85V1
Type of Exam: 60 question exam
Length: 90 minutes
Passing Grade: 70% 
Language: English

PEGAPCDC85V1 Exam Objectives

Next-Best-Action concepts (12%)

One-to-one customer engagement
Optimize the customer value in the contact center
Essentials of always-on outbound
Define the starting population

Actions and treatments (15%)

Define and manage customer actions
Present a single offer on the web
Define an action for outbound

Engagement policies (12%)

Define customer engagement policies
Create an engagement strategy

Contact policy and volume constraints (18%)

Avoid overexposure of actions
Avoid overexposure of actions on outbound
Limit action volume on outbound
Add more tracking time periods for contact policies

AI and Arbitration (8%)

Action arbitration
Action prioritization with AI
Prioritize actions with business levers

Channels (10%)

Real-time containers
Create a real-time container
Send offer emails
Share action details with third-party distributors

Decision strategies (25%)

Create and understand decision strategies
Create engagement strategies using customer credit score
Create eligibility rules using customer risk segments

View Online Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant PEGAPCDC85V1 Free Questions

1.In Pega Customer Decision Hub™, the characteristics of an action are defined by using
A. properties
B. logos
C. plain text
D. banners
Answer: A

2.To calculate the total number of customer responses of four actions in a group, you must use________________.
A. four Group By components
B. one Group By component
C. four Set Property components
D. one Set Property component
Answer: D

3.MyCo, a telecom company, wants to present their customers on Facebook with customer-centric mobile internet offers.
What action must MyCo take to meet this business requirement?
A. Place a paid ad
B. Make a call
C. Send an email
D. Create a Facebook post
Answer: C

4.MyCo, a telecom company, wants to send promotional emails to give away phone accessories. The accessories can only be given away in batches of 50. When the stock in a batch is completed, a new batch can be promoted again.
You have decided to use volume constraint to limit the number of actions in a batch.
To meet the business requirement, what Reset Interval setting do you select?
A. When accessed
B. Manual
C. Daily
D. Reset Interval does not matter for this scenario
Answer: C     
5.MyCo, a telecom company, introduced fiber optic service in the northern region of the country. They want to advertise this service on their website by using a banner and target the customers living in that area.
What do you need to configure in the Next-Best-Action Designer to implement this requirement?
A. Applicability rules
B. Audience
C. Prioritization formula
D. Customer segment
Answer: B

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