Nutanix SE Academy NCSE Level 1 Exam Questions

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Want to pass Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1 Exam? PassQuestion provides comprehensive Nutanix SE Academy NCSE Level 1 Exam Questions that guarantee your success in achieving the level of Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer certification that you so desire. Our NCSE Level 1 exam product comes in PDF format and with relevant Nutanix SE Academy NCSE Level 1 Exam Questions that will prepare you for the real NCSE Level 1 certification examinations,We guarantee that you can pass this Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1 examination at your first attempt.

Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1

The Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer: Level 1 Exam tests candidates on their skills and abilities speaking to, evangelizing and differentiating Nutanix technologies. Successful NCSE: L1 candidates are able to assess customer environments, collect appropriate data, complete sizing and effectively present solutions. NCSE: L1 candidates are further able to conducts meetings, demos and work opportunities while confirming designs and decisions with experienced team members.

The NCSE: L1 exam is a component of the Nutanix Systems Engineering track. The certification requires that candidates have obtained either the Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) 5.5 or Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) 5.0 Certification as well as achieved a passing score on the NCSE: L1 exam. 

Exam Information

Number of Questions: 75 Questions
Time Limit: 120 minutes
Passing Score: 3000 (1000-6000)
Cost:  $199 (USD)
Languages: English
Format: Multiple choice and multiple response questions

NCSE: Level 1 Exam Topics

Section 1 – Apply Pre-Sales Knowledge

Given a scenario, handle basic product objections
Given a scenario, articulate the value of Nutanix products
Analyze requirements to qualify an opportunity based on a use case

Section 2 – Match Workloads to Solutions

Demonstrate an understanding of workload-specific discovery
Align Nutanix Product features to workload requirements

Section 3 – Size Nutanix Solutions

Given a scenario, capture sizing requirements
Given a dataset, interpret relevant data
Given a scenario, use the tool
Apply procedural concepts to account for Nutanix-specific criteria

Section 4 – Apply Tools and Resources

Given a scenario, determine when to leverage tools and collateral
Perform tasks
Apply best practices to avoid proof of concept
Conduct a Proof-of-Concept

View Online Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1 NCSE Level 1 Free Questions

1.A prospect is concerned about the suitability and design of using Nutanix for an upcoming Avaya IP Office migration.
Which type of document should the SE provide?
A. Best Practice Guide
B. Reference Architecture
C. Filed Advisory
D. Knowledge Base Article
Answer: B

2.ABC Corp currently has 50 VMs currently running in production and is interested in sizing a DR cluster. The RTO is 4 hours and the RPO is 2 hours.
Each VM has 100GB of data, with a 5% daily change rate .for retention the customer wants to keep 2 weeks of snaps on the DR cluster.
What is the minimum amount of storage capacity for the remote cluster to meet the customer's data retention?
A. 6TB to 7TB
B. 8TB to 9TB
C. 10TB to 11TB
D. 14TB to 15T
Answer: B

3.Refer to the exhibit.
Based on the Sizing scenario, what level of resiliency can be inferred about the configuration?
A. RF3
B. N+1
C. N+0
D. N+2
Answer: C

4.During a meeting with a prospect a storage administrator comments that they're currently using 16Gb Fibre Channel for their SAN and believes that 10Gb Ethernet can't provide adequate bandwidth or low latency.
As a followup to the meeting, which Nutanix Bible section would be most helpful in overcoming the storage administrator's objection?
A. Data locality
B. Storage Tiering and Prioritization
C. Cluster Components
D. Drive Breakdown
E. Do you have any infrastructure refreshes planned for this year?
Answer: A

5.A customer has deployed Nutanix with Esxi for VDI workloads and is considering Nutanix for a major server virtualization project. The customer is running z/Virtual Machine today for a mission critical workload and would like to consider Nutanix as a potential platform.
Which reason would currently disqualify this prospect as an opportunity?
A. Accurate sizing information is not available
B. Nutanix does not support z/OS or z/VM
C. There is no assurance of project progression yet.
D. New hardware will be announced next quarter.
Answer: A

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