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Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core (NCSE-Core)

Recipients of the NCSE - Core badge have demonstrated their skills and abilities speaking to, evangelizing and differentiating Nutanix technologies. Recipients are able to assess customer environments, collect appropriate data, complete sizing and effectively present solutions.

Skills Tested In The NCSE Core Exam

Cloud Computing
Computer Systems Administration
Hyper-converged Infrastructure
Multi Cloud
Pre-Sales Consulting
Proof Of Concept (PoC)
Storage Virtualization
Systems Engineer
Virtual Machines

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1.AN SE determines that a POC is necessary to overcome competitive FUD in an opportunity with an Enterprise account evaluating several HCI solutions. The customer will evaluate three solutions in their datacenter simultaneously over the course of 4 days.
The customer schedules all necessary personnel to be available during this time.
Which two network planning items should the SE determine prior to allocation hardware for the POC? (Choose two)
A. VLAN tags
B. CVM and hypervisor IP address
C. TOR switch redundancy configuration
D. Switch port type
E. Source and number of cables
Answer: D,E

2.A systems engineer is building a solution for a federal government prospect that requires. FIPS 140-2 Level 2 encryption for data at rest.
Which two items are required to deliver a solution that meets the encryption standard? (Choose two)
A. Nutanix Software Encryption
B. Nutanix Prism Pro Licensing
C. A supported key Management Server
D. Self-Encrypting Drive
Answer: C,D

3.An administrator is managing a highly active SQL workload that is writing I/Os in 2 MB chunks to a vDisk. The administrator wants to optimize capacity setting for the computer.
Which storage optimization technology should the administration select to meet these requirement?
A. Erasure Coding
B. Compression
C. Capacity Deduplication
D. Cache Deduplication
Answer: B

4.An SE is building a solution for Federal government prospect that requires FIPS 140-2 Level 2 encryption for data at rest.
Which two items are required to deliver a solution that meets the encryption standard? (Choose two)
A. Nutanix Acropolis Pro License.
B. Self-Encrypting Drives.
C. A supported Key Management Server.
D. Nutanix Prism Pro Licensing.
E. Nutanix Software encryption.
Answer: B,C

5.A prospective customer is concerned about the suitability and design of using Nutanix for an upcoming Avaya IP Office migration.
Which type of document should the systems engineer (SE) Provide?
A. Knowledge Base Article
B. Best Practice Guide
C. Field Advisory
D. Reference Architecture
Answer: D

6.Where are Leap Availability Zones configured?
A. Cloud Connect
B. Controller VM
C. Prism Element
D. Prism Central
Answer: D

7.What are two things that the ADS service does for VMs within AHV? (Choose two.)
A. Invoke workload movement if there is contention of resources.
B. Invoke workload movement when there is no contention of resource
C. Balance VMs throughout the Cluster when the VM is first powered on
D. Re-balance powered-on VMs evenly throughout the cluster
Answer: A,D

8.In a competitive POC scenario, the prospect is testing Nutanix against VxRail and Hyperflex. The customer is interested in an ""All in One"" solution that's simple to deploy, manage, and grow.
Which two test plan items should the SE map to POC success criteria? (Choose two)
A. Deploy HCIbench to determine maximum IOPS.
B. Deploy Calm to automate application deployment.
C. Expand the cluster by adding an additional node.
D. Use a single interface to manage and monitor the full stack.
E. Enable all data efficiency settings.
Answer: C,D

9.A customer has a 3-node cluster configured for RF2 with 100TB of raw disk space. The customer wants to enable Erasure Coding to gain additional usable space.
What change will allow EC-X to be enabled?
A. Add 1 node to the cluster
B. Add an additional 30TB to the existing cluster
C. Increase the size of the default storage pool
D. No changes are required
Answer: A

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