New HPE6-A80 ACDX Written Exam Dumps - Aruba Certified Design Expert Written Exam

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To start for your HPE6-A80 Aruba Certified Design Expert Written Exam,PassQuestion provides new HPE6-A80 ACDX Written Exam Dumps which cover all the pertinent areas and necessary guidelines to enable you to clear the HPE6-A80 exam with minimum effort. We provide you the 100% guaranteed success to clear the HPE6-A80 certification exam in your first attempt with our comprehensive resources and clear practice guidelines.PassQuestion HPE6-A80 ACDX Written Exam Dumps will ensure that you are ready to pass your HPE6-A80 exam successfully.

HPE6-A80 Exam Description - Aruba Certified Design Expert Written Exam

This exam validates candidates' knowledge, skills, and ability to analyze a customer's complex, enterprise-level, wired and wireless campus, branch, and remote networking requirements, create an architectural solution design and integrate the design components.

The HPE6-A80 ACDX Written Exam is required to be passed before the practical exam.  Once the written is passed, you will only have 18 months to pass the ACDX Practical Exam. Candidates who do not pass the ACDX Practical Exam within 18 months will have to retake the current ACDX Written Exam. HPE recommends that you register for the ACDX Practical Exam within 12 months of passing the written exam to ensure that you pass in the allotted 18-month timeframe.

Ideal Candidate For This Exam

An ideal candidate has advanced design experience with Aruba solutions. The candidate is able to identify key decision makers and interview them to determine the customer’s business requirements. The candidate synthesizes this information and uses it to formulate statements that accurately describe the customer's general connectivity, availability, security, and application requirements in order to design and integrate the solution.

HPE6-A80 ACDX Written Exam Objectives

This exam validates that you can:

View Online Aruba Certified Design Expert Written Exam HPE6-A80 Free Questions

What is one piece of additional information architects should obtain from the customer before they design the wireless solution?
A.the power requirements for the wireless loT devices and security cameras
B.the authentication and encryption capabilities for loT devices and security cameras
C.the distance between the locations where cameras will be installed and the wiring closet on each floor
D.the average number of users per loT device
Answer : C

The architect plans to recommend an upgrade to Aruba CX switches
What is one requirement for the new solution that justifies this recommendation?
A.the requirement to support secure IPsec tunneling at the aggregation layer
B.the requirement to support larger ARP tables at the aggregation layer
C.the requirement to support smart Rate at the access layer
D.the requirement to support tunneled-node at the access layer
Answer : A

For which scenario do Aruba CX 6300M Series switches meet the needs for an upgrade of the wired access layer while the Aruba CX 630QF Series switches do not?
A.The customer wants to utilize the Aruba AP-515 support for 002 3bz connectivity.
B.The customer wants to utilize LACP on AP515 in VSF switch configuration.
C.The Aruba CX6300M supports 10GBase-T connectivity with AP-515.
D.The Aruba CX 630DM support up to 75W PoE+ per port
Answer : D

An indoor sports stadium has 5.000 seats in two rings:
The stadium has a ceiling height of 72 feet (22 m).
There is a catwalk around the perimeter of me stadium that is 54 feet (13 m) from me floor.
There are two scoreboards at either end of the stadium
The construction of the stadium is concrete and steel.
The customer has indicated a preference for overhead coverage, and the wireless network should support 3500 concurrent
clients. The architect plans to install the APs on the catwalk to service sections of the floor below
Which type or antennas are recommended for the APS that provide the overhead coverage?
B.high gain directional
C.high gain omnidirectional
Answer : B

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