New H31-161 Training Material For HCIE-Carrier IP (Written) Certification

  Edina  07-22-2020

Are you preparing for H31-161 HCIE-Carrier IP (Written) Certification Exam? PassQuestion new released H31-161 Training Material will be your favorable aid because its quality is wonderful enough to guarantee your pass.PassQuestion offers the latest H31-161 questions and answers to help you get all the exam topics and knowledge for your preparation,you can pass your Huawei H31-161 exam at your first attempt.You must read the H31-161 Training Material provided by PassQuestion related to the subjects , which will help you to be prepared for clearing the HCIE-Carrier IP (Written) H31-161 exam in the shortest possible time. 

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1.Which statements about the edge access layer is true?
A. Using the packet technology it provides a comprehensive transport platform that boasts high reliability, quality of service (QoS) assurance, and large capacity.
B. It implement call control. With the software technology as the core, it completes basic real-time call control and connection control.
C. It connections users to the network by providing various access means, and converts the format of information can be transmitted on the network.
D. It process additional value-added service and operation support for established callas.
Answer: B

2.Which statement describes the delay variation requirement of the voice service for the IP bearer network?
A. No strict requirement
B. Bearer network delay variation + 1s
C. Bearer network delay variation +100 ms, allowed maximum delay variation +200ms
D. Bearer network delay variation = 10 ms. Allowed maximum delay variation =20ms
Answer: D

3.Which statement describes the packet loss ratio requirement of the voice service for the IP bearer network?
A. Allowed maximum packet loss =10-6
B. Allowed maximum packet loss =1%
C. No strict requirement
D. Allowed maximum packet loss =1%
Answer: B

4.Which of the following can be implemented in an IP backbone network?
Answer: B, C, D

5.RTA is a provider edge (PE) router. OSPF is deployed between RTA and a customer edge (CE).
Which of the following can be used to avoid routing loops when RTA generate an autonomy system-external (ASE) link-state advertisement (LSA) and sends it to the CE?

A. Configuring the same VPN route tag on the PE
B. Configuring Shame Link among PEs
C. Setting DN-bit in the ASE LSA
D. Configuring the same domain ID on the PE
Answer: C, D

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