New 2021 HCIA-Storage V4.5 H13-611_V4.5-ENU Questions and Answers

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HCIA-Storage V4.5 Certification

With HCIA-Storage V4.5 certification, you will understand and master the knowledge and skills about storage technology trends, storage systems architecture, storage basic technologies, storage common advanced technologies, storage service continuity solutions, and basic O&M management of storage systems; are able to deploy, operate, maintain and manage storage systems; are competent for enterprise storage engineers, IT technical support and other positions.

Exam Information

Certification: HCIA-Storage
Exam Code: H13-611
Exam Name: HCIA-Storage V4.5
Language: ENU/CHS
Exam Cost: 200USD
Exam Duration: 90 mins
Pass Score/ Total Score: 600/1000

Exam Contents

The HCIA-Storage V4.5 exam covers:

  • Storage Technology Trends
  • Storage Basic Technologies
  • Storage Common Advanced Technologies
  • Storage Business Continuity Solutions
  • Storage System O&M Management

Module 1: Storage Technology Trends

1. Definition of data, information, and data storage
2. Storage technology development
3. Storage product development trend

Module 2: Storage Basic Technologies

1. Storage product forms, components, and working principles
2. Cascading cables, modes, and interface modules between storage enclosures
3. Technical principles of traditional RAID and RAID 2.0+
4. Dynamic RAID algorithm and RAID-TP principle
5. Common storage system protocols
6. Working principles and features of the protocol
7. Storage system architecture evolution
8. Huawei storage product architecture
9. Storage network architecture evolution
10. Storage networking technology evolution
11. Features and positioning of Huawei storage products
12. Typical application scenarios

Module 3: Storage Common Advanced Technologies

1. Service features, implementation principles, and application scenarios of Smart series technologies
2. Service features, implementation principles, and application scenarios of Hyper series technologies

Module 4: Storage Business Continuity Solutions

1. Technical features, architecture, deployment process, and application scenarios of the Backup solution and DR solution
2. Technical Differences Between the Backup and DR Solutions

Module 5: Storage System O&M Management

1. Basic management operations of the storage system
2. Common storage system O&M management tools
3. Typical storage system O&M process

View Online HCIA-Storage V4.5 H13-611_V4.5-ENU Free Questions

SmartThin is a storage space management technology provided by the Huawei OceanStor V3 storage system that allocates storage resources on demand. Based on this technology, Smart Thin reduces the deployment of physical storage resources and maximizes the utilization of storage space. .
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

A company needs to make a backup strategy. The company has a small amount of backup data and hopes to back up in a short time and save storage space to the utmost extent.
Which type of backup do you recommend?
A. Full backup
B. Cumulative incremental backup
C. Differential incremental backup
Answer: C

Which of the following descriptions about the characteristics of the LAN-FREE backup method is incorrect?
A. The backup data stream does not occupy LAN resources
B. The backup agent does not affect the performance of the application server
C. Backup performance is usually higher than LAN-BASED
D. Does not affect user network performance
Answer: B

Which of the following descriptions about the hard disk domain in Huawei RAID 2.0+ technology is wrong?
A. A hard disk domain is a group of hard disks
B. A hard disk can only belong to one hard disk domain
C. OceanStor V3 storage system can create one or more disk domains
D. In the hard disk domain, the types of hard disks are the same.
Answer: D

Which of the following methods can achieve the best RTO?
A. Disk-disk
B. Disk-disk-tape
C. Remote replication
D. Virtual tape library
Answer: C

Which of the following snapshots are correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. Snapshot recovery technology can be used to detect the business volume of the last month
B. Can detect business volume in real time
C. You can use snapshot recovery data to recover data lost by physical problems
D. Can use snapshot technology to test and develop software
Answer: AD

What is necessary for the initial configuration of the storage system? (Multiple Choice)
A. Enter Device Manager
B. Change password
C. Configure the accessible IP address
D. Configure the management port IP address
Answer: ABCD

Which of the following are commonly used management software? (Multiple Choice)
A. Device Manager
B. eSight
C. Smartkit
D. eService
Answer: ABCD

Compared with NAS storage system and file server, what are the advantages of NAS storage system? (Multiple Choice)
A. High stability
B. Diversified services and powerful functions
C. Large storage space
D. High data security
Answer: ACD

According to the storage access rate, which types of storage devices can be divided into? (Multiple Choice)
A. Nearline storage
B. Unified storage
C. Online storage
D. Offline storage
Answer: ACD

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