NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam Questions and Answers

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The SuiteFoundation exam is a core requirement for the NetSuite certification process as you may not take further certification exams before passing SuiteFoundation. The SuiteFoundation certification is for NetSuite professionals who can already use the NetSuite product and have a basic understanding of its core concepts and features. PassQuestion provides you the latest NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam Questions and Answers from all the topics and SuiteFoundation exam syllabus that will solve all the confusion for preparing the NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam. After studying PassQuestion NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam Questions and Answers, it will greatly help you to prepare well and finally pass the NetSuite SuiteFoundation certification exam with flying colors.

SuiteFoundation Exam

Passing this exam confirms that you have the foundational knowledge necessary to navigate around the NetSuite system and understand core NetSuite functionality. The credential awarded for passing this exam is SuiteFoundation Certified. Passing this exam confirms that you have the knowledge necessary to become SuiteFoundation Certified.

  • Registration Fee: $250
  • Retake Fee: $150
  • 80 minutes allotted to complete 66 multiple-choice and matching questions

Description of a Qualified Candidate:

The candidate can work with the NetSuite product and has a basic understanding of the following concepts and features which are covered on the exam:

  • Features and standard modules (i.e., CRM, ERP)
  • Company and user preferences
  • Relationship of users, roles and permissions
  • Customization options of the user interface
  • Dashboards, reports, and searches
  • Standard record types and how they are structured
  • NetSuite product release process

Subject Areas and Objectives Covered by the Exam:

  • Setup and Administration (1)
  • NetSuite User Interface (2)
  • Standard NS process flows (3)
  • SuiteAnalytics (4)
  • Maintenance,Resources, and Data Security (5)

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What kind of custom field can Administrators create to add a column on the Item sublist of Sales Orders?
A.Custom Transaction Body fields
B.Custom Transaction Line fields
C.Custom Item fields
D.Custom Transaction Item options

Which New Release portlet resource allows users to watch presentations and demonstrations on new features and enhancements in Suite Answers?
A.Training Resources
B.Sneak Peeks
C.Release Notes
D.Release Preview Test Plan

Which statement is true about the Multi-Location Inventory feature?
A.Multi-Location Inventory only works for regular inventory items.
B.All Purchase Orders and Sales Orders should have a status of Fully Billed before enabling Multi-Location Inventory.
C.Quantity on Hand must have a zero value before enabling Multi-Location Inventory.
D.Inventory Distribution is required to move the quantity to locations after enabling Multi-Location Inventory.

When creating a Payment Method, what Type applies to payments that occur outside of NetSuite (for example, cash payments)?
A.Pay By Reference
B.External Checkout
D.General Token

Which action can a Sales Rep perform in the Forecast Editor?
A.Edit all transactions that make up their sales forecast.
B.Inactivate transactions to exclude in the Forecast Report.
C.Adjust the probability and status of opportunities in the forecast.
D.Edit their quota to override their sales forecast.

Which record is a non-posting transaction?
A.Retum Receipts
B.Credit Memo
C.Sales Order
D.Statement Charges

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