NetSuite Administrator Exam Questions To Become a Certified NetSuite Administrator

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NetSuite Administrator Exam is the second exam required for NetSuite Administrator Certification, to be taken after the SuiteFoundation Exam has been passed. Passing this NetSuite Administrator Exam certifies that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a Certified NetSuite Administrator. PassQuestion has designed NetSuite Administrator Exam Questions to help you gain confidence in your skills and knowledge, and increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt. To ensure the highest level of accuracy and relevance, our NetSuite Administrator Exam Questions are actual and directly based on the current exam domains of the NetSuite Administrator exam. This means that by studying with our NetSuite Administrator Exam Questions, you are essentially preparing yourself to ace the test.

Description of a Qualified Candidate

The candidate has ideally 1 year of experience configuring and managing a robust NetSuite implementation or account. The candidate can perform the day-to-day tasks of managing the application to meet the company's needs. Their role is to support users and they understand the standard business processes, standard accounting practices, advanced features, options, and capabilities of the product

Maintaining Your Certification

There will be 2 ongoing requirements for maintaining your NetSuite Administrator title:

Annual Release Maintenance

NetSuite publishes a once-per-year unproctored New Release Quiz to validate awareness of new NetSuite features released in the previous year. Information on availability of the New Release Quiz will be communicated in the following ways:
• Posted to the closed LinkedIn NetSuite Certified group.
• Emailed to the email of record in the Certification Status Search Tool available on the Certification web page

Refresh NetSuite Administrator Exam

NetSuite will rewrite the NetSuite Administrator exam as needed. Oracle NetSuite Certified Administrator certificate holders may be required to retake and pass this exam to maintain their certification.

Subject Areas and Objectives Covered by the Test

  • SuiteAnalytics
  • SuiteBuilder
  • SuiteCloud Platform
  • Setup and Administration
  • Data Security
  • Working with NetSuite

View Online NetSuite Certified Administrator Exam Free Questions

1. How can an Administrator view deleted Saved Searches?
A. Access the Audit Trail tab on a specific Saved Search.
B. Access the Saved Searches List and select Inactive.
C. Create and run an Analytics Audit Trail search.
D. Create and run a Saved Searches Saved Search.
Answer: C

2. Which scenarios show possible uses of online forms? (Choose two.)
A. Update existing Customer records.
B. Send an email message about new products.
C. Create a new transaction.
D. Complete a customer survey.
Answer: A.D

3. Where can a user reference a custom list?
A. Custom Fields
B. Custom Sublists
C. Standard Fields
D. Custom Record Types
Answer: A

4. What data is copied from Production during a Sandbox Refresh?
A. Token-based Authentication (TBA)
B. User passwords
C. SAML configuration
D. System Notes on records
Answer: B

5. An Administrator wants to use a CSV import to remove obsolete Item descriptions and update some descriptions.
Which Advanced CSV Import option should they use?
A. Overwrite Missing Fields
B. Assign Null Values
C. Delete Sublists
D. Void Text
Answer: A

6. What is the most secure action an Administrator can take to protect the company from unauthorized access to NetSuite data?
A. Set the NetSuite Password Policy to Strong.
B. Require password changes every 5 days.
C. Require users to answer security questions upon login.
D. Use Two-Factor Authentication.
Answer: D

7. Which feature can an Administrator use to restore NetSuite access for a user who forgot their password AND security questions?
A. Send New Access Notification Email
B. Change Password Link
C. Automatic Reset of Customer Passwords
D. User Access Reset Tool
Answer: D

8. Where can an Administrator access the NetSuite Support Center role?
A. Navigate to View All Roles, then click the NetSuite Support Center role.
B. Navigate to the Home dashboard, then click Contact Support from the Shortcuts portlet.
C. Navigate to SuiteAnswers, then click Contact Support Online.
D. Navigate to the Support tab, then click NetSuite Account Center.
Answer: D

9. What must first be configured to add a custom KPI Meter portlet to the dashboard?
A. Add a custom KPI to the Key Performance Indicators portlet.
B. Add a custom Saved Search to the KPI Meter.
C. Add a KPI Scorecard to the dashboard.
D. Add a Report Snapshot to the dashboard.
Answer: A

10. How do you prevent a terminated employee from logging into NetSuite?
A. Clear the Give Access checkbox.
B. Delete the Employee record.
C. Inactivate the Employee record.
D. Reset the employee's password.
Answer: A

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