NetApp Technology Solutions (NCTS) NS0-004 Exam Questions

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To facilitate your preparation for the NS0-004 NetApp Certified Technology Solutions Professional exam, it is highly recommended that you engage in a comprehensive study of the latest NetApp Technology Solutions (NCTS) NS0-004 Exam Questions provided by PassQuestion. By doing so, you will not only enhance your knowledge and skills but also significantly increase your chances of success in the NS0-004 exam. It is of utmost importance to develop a strong grasp of the various exam topics as it forms the foundation for efficient and effective exam preparation. By thoroughly studying NetApp Technology Solutions (NCTS) NS0-004 Exam Questions, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently approach and successfully pass your exam.

NetApp Certified Technology Solutions Professional (NS0-004)

The NS0-004 exam is now available for employees, partners, and customers to validate their ability to identify NetApp solutions that address business challenges. The exam covers Infrastructure, Data Storage Software, and NetApp Hybrid Multicloud Solutions. Passing the exam earns candidates the NetApp Certified Technology Solutions Professional badge. Prior to taking the exam, it is recommended to have 3-6 months of experience with hybrid cloud technology basics and a general understanding of the NetApp product portfolio.

Requirements include a fundamental understanding of hybrid-cloud concepts in the industry, as well as NetApp solutions, concepts, and portfolio. Candidates should be able to leverage technologies to build solutions, identify use cases, utilize documentation, recognize hybrid cloud and networking components, understand basic protocols, and identify security solutions for data protection.

Key Topics Covered

Exam Topics Subtopics
Infrastructure - Identify basic infrastructure concepts and components
  - Identify data management concepts
  - Identify virtualization concepts
Data Storage Software - Identify components and/or concepts of NetApp SANtricity
  - Identify components and/or concepts of NetApp ONTAP
  - Identify components and/or concepts of NetApp StorageGRID
  - Identify data management tools
NetApp Solutions Hybrid Multicloud - Identify NetApp cloud management tools
  - Identify NetApp data mobility solutions
  - Identify NetApp hybrid cloud data protection solutions
  - Identify NetApp storage solutions
  - Identify NetApp Cloud Services
  - Identify consumption models

Preparation Strategies To Pass The NetApp NS0-004 Exam

Preparing for the NS0-004 exam requires a well-rounded study plan that encompasses various strategies to ensure success. In order to excel in this exam, consider implementing the following key ideas:
1. Official Resources: Utilize NetApp's extensive collection of official documentation and study materials specifically designed to cover all the exam objectives comprehensively. These resources will provide you with the necessary foundation to understand and grasp the concepts and topics required for the exam.
2. Hands-On Practice: Enhance your theoretical knowledge by actively engaging in hands-on practice with NetApp technologies. This practical approach will allow you to apply your learnings in simulated environments, enabling you to gain valuable experience and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in the exam.
3. Practice Exams: Gauge your level of preparedness and familiarize yourself with the exam format by taking advantage of practice exams. These mock exams will simulate the actual exam conditions, allowing you to assess your knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and build confidence in your abilities.

View Online NetApp Certified Technology Solutions Professional NS0-004 Free Questions

1. You are using Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus switches. You need a storage component that validates the FlexPod reference architecture.
Which NetApp product will accomplish this task?
A. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
B. NetApp AFF
C. NetApp StorageGRID
D. NetApp ONTAP Select
Answer: B
2. Which NetApp platform forms the basis of the StorageGRID appliance?
C. E-Series
D. SolidFire
Answer: C
3. An IoT company is building a mobile device. The development team wants to move data collected with the mobile devices to a file share hosted on AWS that would be used as the ingestion source for a machine learning pipeline. They have decided to host the file share using Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
Which software would you add to the mobile device to facilitate this task?
A. StorageGRID
B. ONTAP Select
C. SANtricity
D. Element
Answer: B
4. Which workload would benefit from a virtualized environment with the ability to quickly clone entire virtual machines?
A. a virtual desktop environment with 5,000 users
B. the payroll system of a government body
C. online retail sales
D. a large data lake
Answer: A
5. What are two benefits of managing persistent storage volumes in containers using NetApp Trident? (Choose two.)
A. Trident dynamically fulfills storage requests.
B. Trident provides a unified interface to NetApp storage.
C. Trident provides automated deployment of Helm charts to Kubernetes.
D. Trident provides additional storage efficiencies.
Answer: A, B
6. You want to restore files to the same NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance after being backed up in object storage. In this scenario, which NetApp service enables this capability?
A. Cloud Backup
B. Cloud Compliance
C. Spot Ocean
D. SaaS Backup
Answer: A
7. Which IEEE standard supports VLAN tagging?
A. 802.3u
B. 802.1q
C. 802.3q
D. 802.3
Answer: B
8. Which three benefits does Astra provide? (Choose three.)
A. application migration
B. data insights
C. data protection
D. disaster recovery
e) application management
Answer: A, C, D
9. You are the storage administrator for a large number of NetApp systems for your organization. You want to see a list of all of the identified risks for the clusters that you manage.
In this scenario, from which two NetApp sources would you locate this information? (Choose two.)
A. Active IQ website
B. Cloud Sync
C. Cloud Insights
D. Cloud Compliance
Answer: A, C
10. On a NetApp E-Series hybrid flash system, you want to optimize drive rebuild speeds after a failure. In this scenario, which disk configuration would you use to accomplish this task?
A. RAID Double Parity (RAID-DP)
B. Disk Pools
C. RAID Triple Erasure Coding (RAID-TEC)
D. Volume Group
Answer: B

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