NSE5_FSM-6.3 Practice Test Questions - Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3

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PassQuestion is a leading provider of NSE5_FSM-6.3 Practice Test Questions that are designed to help you prepare for the Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3 exam. These NSE5_FSM-6.3 Practice Test Questions are created by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the exam's content and structure. They are updated regularly to ensure that you are practicing with the latest questions. The NSE5_FSM-6.3 Practice Test Questions from PassQuestion cover all the topics that are included in the Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3 exam. By practicing with NSE5_FSM-6.3 Practice Test Questions, you will gain the confidence and skills needed to pass the exam on the first attempt.

NSE5_FSM-6.3 Exam Overview - Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3

The Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3 exam is one exam in the NSE 5 certification program and certifies that the successful candidate has mastered important knowledge, skills, and abilities to deploy, configure, administer, manage and monitor FortiSIEM devices. The exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to basic to advanced configuration, day-to-day management of FortiSIEM devices, and integrating FortiSIEM into a network awareness infrastructure. The Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3 exam is intended for security professionals responsible for the configuration and administration of FortiSIEM devices in an enterprise security infrastructure.

Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3 NSE5_FSM-6.3 Exam Information

Exam name Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3
Exam series NSE5_FSM-6.3
Time allowed 60 minutes
Exam questions 33 multiple-choice questions
Scoring Pass or fail, a score report is available from your Pearson VUE account
Language English
Product version FortiSIEM 6.3

Fortinet Certification NSE5_FSM-6.3 Exam Objectives

Successful candidates have applied knowledge and skills in the following areas and tasks:

SIEM Concepts

  • Identify FortiSIEM architecture components
  • Identify deployment requirements
  • Identify event type classification
  • Perform system configuration and management tasks
  • Troubleshoot system configuration and deployment related issues

FortiSIEM Operations

  • Discover devices on FortiSIEM
  • Build queries from search results and events
  • Tune data collection and notification processes
  • Deploy FortiSIEM agents
  • Troubleshoot discovery related issues

FortiSIEM Analytics

  • Apply group by and data aggregation on search results
  • Use various reporting functions available on FortiSIEM

Rules and Incidents

  • Identify various rule components
  • Configure rule sub-patterns, aggregation and group by
  • Manage incidents
  • Configure clear conditions for incidents
  • Configure notification policies

View Online Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiSIEM 6.3 NSE5_FSM-6.3 Free Questions

1. A FortiSIEM administrator wants to restrict a network administrator to running searches for only firewall devices. Under role management, which option does the FortiSIEM administrator need to configure to achieve this scenario?
A. CMDB Report Conditions
B. Data Conditions
C. Ul Access
Answer: B

2. To determine SNMP discovery issues, which is the best command from the backend?
A. snmpwalk
B. phSNMPTest
C. snmptest
D. ssh
Answer: A

3. Device discovery information is stored in which database?
B. Profile DB
C. Event DB
Answer: A

4. Which item is required to register a FortiSIEM appliance license?
A. Static storage
B. Static MAC address
C. Static IP address
D. Static Hardware ID
Answer: D

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