LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Practice Test Questions

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Are you preparing for Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 86V2 exam? PassQuestion LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Practice Test Questions are closed towards the real exam and can cover all of the topics with ease. By preparing the LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Practice Test Questions, your probabilities of passing the Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam will definitely boost. Once you have gone through all the LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Practice Test Questions provided by us, you will be able to clear PCLSA certification PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam on your first attempt. 

Pega LSA Architecture Exam

The Pega Certified Lead System Architect (PCLSA) certification program is intended for Pega Certified Senior System Architects (PCSSAs) with at least 12+ months of field experience. The Pega Architecture exam is the first exam in the PCLSA certification process.

The Pega LSA Architecture Version 8.6 exam focuses on design and architecture of Pega applications. The LSA role is broad in scope: The exam covers material throughout the entire SA, SSA, advanced topics, & LSA course curriculum. The exam includes scenario questions, multiple choice questions and drag/drop items. If multiple answers are required, the text states how many answers are needed. PCLSA certification requires passing the Pega Architecture Exam and an Application design/build. Pega Senior Certified System Architect (P/CSSA) certification in any version is required to start the PCLSA certification program.

The Pega Architecture Exam is the first of two exams that are required for Pega Certified Lead System Architect certification. The Lead System Architect Application Build is required after successful completion of the Pega Architecture exam.

Certified Pega Lead System Architect version 8.6 Certification Path:

Lead System Architect (8.6) mission
Hands-on experience
Exam Code: PEGAPCLSA86V2
Type of Exam: 60-question exam, including scenario, multiple choice, and drag and drop questions
Length: 120 minutes
Passing Grade: 65% 

Topics include:

Pega Platform Design
Application Design
Data Model Design
User Experience Design
Security Design
Reporting Design
Asynchronous Processing Design
Work Delegation Design
Deployment and Testing Design

View Online LSA architecture 8.6 PEGAPCLSA86V2 Free Questions

You oversee a medium-size development team, and some of the team members are new to pega.
What are the most efficient ways to ensure that the rules the team creates adhere to best practices? (choose two)
A. Have new team members create and run Pega automated unit tests against their rules.
B. Use Pega Log Analyzer to identify exceptions associated with the new team members.
C. Run Tracer on each rule the new team members check in to identify an failures in rule execution.
D. Leverage the rule check-in approval process to review the new team member’s changes first.
Answer: A,D

The SLA and the customer's system administrator are reviewing scenarios that do not require an application server restart. Select three scenarios from this list. (choose three)
A. When deploying rule only hotflxes
B. When changing the prweb web.xml file
C. When changing the system name
D. When the deploying new rules
E. When the prlogging.xml file is modified
Answer: A,D,E

The BigCo quoting application is currently on-premise. BigCo plans to move the application to Pega Cloud. 
What factor do you need to consider for environment setup?
A. Network security configuration
B. Database access configuration
C. System management application configuration
D. Log file access configuration
Answer: D

Which two actions can yon perform to improve the guardrails compliance score of an application? (Choose two)
A. Ensure keyed data classes are not mapped to pr-other where possible.
B. Convert activities that only retrieve data to data transforms that invoke data pages.
C. Achieve a higher application level test coverage percentage score.
D. Increase the percentage of unit tests and scenario tests that pass.
Answer: A,B

You manage a 30-person development team with members located across the globe.
Which Pega Cloud environment best supports the needs of your team?
A. Large sandbox
B. Standard sandbox
C. Large development instance
D. Preproduction instance
Answer: C

A call center uses Pega Customer Service. Where does Pega Customer Service fit into the enterprise architecture?
A. Pega Customer Set vice is the customer and account enterprise service bus.
B. Pega Customer Service is the customer interaction system of record.
C. Pega Customer Service is the billing and reporting system of record.
D. Pega Customer Service is the new customer onboarding system.
Answer: B

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