LPI Web Development Essentials Exam 030-100 Real Questions

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If you want to earn the LPI Web Development Essentials Certification, you should pass the 030-100 exam to get certified. PassQuestion offers high-quality LPI Web Development Essentials Exam 030-100 Real Questions that are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the real exam scenarios, thus helping you to effectively prepare for the exam. By utilizing the LPI Web Development Essentials Exam 030-100 Real Questions provided by PassQuestion, you can evaluate your current preparation level for the LPI Linux Essentials 030-100 exam. These 030-100 real questions will not only help you build confidence but also equip you with important tips to attempt your Web Development Essentials exam. 

Take Your First Steps in Web Development

Modern software applications are commonly developed for the Web. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Web Development Essentials program supports your first steps in software development. It includes Learning Materials suitable for both training and self-study. Upon passing the Web Development Essentials exam, you receive a certificate to prove your skills.

The program objectives cover the most important aspects of Web Development. They are specifically designed to include everything needed to implement simple web applications. This makes Web Development Essentials the perfect choice for practical courses and training. In self-studies, candidates find everything they need to achieve immediate success in implementing their first projects.

Exam Information

Current version: 1.0 (Exam code 030-100)
Prerequisites: None, anyone can take the test
Exam format: 40 questions within 60 minutes
Languages: English, Japanese
To receive the Web Development Essentials certificate the candidate must: have an understanding of the principles of software development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and SQL.

Web Development Essentials Exam 030 Objectives

031 Software Development and Web Technologies

031.1 Software Development Basics
031.2 Web Application Architecture
031.3 HTTP Basics

032 HTML Document Markup

032.1 HTML Document Anatomy
032.2 HTML Semantics and Document Hierarchy
032.3 HTML References and Embedded Resources
032.4 HTML Forms

033 CSS Content Styling

033.1 CSS Basics
033.2 CSS Selectors and Style Application
033.3 CSS Styling
033.4 CSS Box Model and Layout

034 JavaScript Programming

034.1 JavaScript Execution and Syntax
034.2 JavaScript Data Structures
034.3 JavaScript Control Structures and Functions
034.4 JavaScript Manipulation of Website Content and Styling

035 NodeJS Server Programming

035.1 NodeJS Basics
035.2 NodeJS Express Basics
035.3 SQL Basics

View Online LPI Web Development Essentials Exam 030-100 Free Questions

1. Which of the following are valid input types in HTML? (Choose two)
A. date
B. file
C. upload
D. image
Answer: A, B
2. For embedding audio files in HTML, which of the following elements is appropriate?
A. <img>
B. <audio>
C. <video>
D. <iframe>
Answer: B
3. Which of these are commonly used open source database management systems? (Choose two)
A. Microsoft SQL Server
B. Oracle Database
D. PostgreSQL
Answer: C, D
4. How are HTTP URLs typically mapped to file system paths on a web server?
A. Through the server's firewall settings
B. By using the Domain Name System (DNS)
C. According to the server's directory structure and configuration files
D. By encrypting the URL into a file path
Answer: C
5. In the context of web content, how do static and dynamic content differ?
A. Static content is served from a database, while dynamic content is served from a file system.
B. Static content is the same for all users, while dynamic content can change based on user interaction.
C. Static content is used for web applications, while dynamic content is used for websites.
D. Static content is cached by the browser, while dynamic content is not.
Answer: B
6. In CSS, what are media queries primarily used for?
A. To create different styles for different media types and screen sizes
B. To add media content like video and audio
C. To query and retrieve media files from the server
D. To automatically play media files on a webpage
Answer: A
7. What is a common way to protect against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in a Node.js application?
A. Implementing HTTPS
B. Using prepared SQL statements
C. Disabling cookies
D. Sanitizing user input
Answer: D
8. To update data in a table, which SQL command should be used?
Answer: C
9. When creating links to page anchors in HTML, which attribute specifies the section of the page to link to?
A. href
B. src
C. name
D. target
Answer: A
10. What are essential features of source code editors and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)? (Choose two)
A. Ability to compile and execute code
B. Built-in web browser for testing web applications
C. Syntax highlighting and code completion
D. Network monitoring for security analysis
Answer: A, C

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