Juniper JNCIP-SEC JN0-635 Practice Test Questions

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Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) JN0-635 Exam is the new replacement exam of JN0-634. To help you best prepare for your Juniper JN0-635 exam,PassQuestion new released Juniper JNCIP-SEC JN0-635 Practice Test Questions can ensure you pass your first time to participate in the JNCIP-SEC certification JN0-635 exam.If you choose PassQuestion Juniper JNCIP-SEC JN0-635 Practice Test Questions, you will be well prepared for Juniper JN0-635 exam and then successfully pass the exam.

Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) Certification Exam

Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) Certification is designed for experienced networking professionals with advanced knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series devices, this written exam verifies the candidate's understanding of advanced security technologies and related platform configuration and troubleshooting skills.

JN0-635 Exam Details

Exam code: JN0-635
Written exam
Administered by Pearson VUE
Exam length: 120 minutes
Exam type: 65 multiple choice questions
Pass/fail status is available immediately

JN0-635 Exam Objectives

Firewall Filters 
Troubleshooting Security Policy and Zones
Advanced Threat Protection
Edge Security
Threat Mitigation
Logical and Tenant Systems
Layer 2 Security
Advanced Network Address Translation
Advanced IPsec

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1.Your organization has multiple Active Directory domains to control user access. You must ensure that security policies are passing traffic based upon the users’ access rights.
What would you use to assist your SRX Series devices to accomplish this task?
A. JATP Appliance
D. Junos Space
Answer: B

2.You are asked to set up notifications if one of your collector traffic feeds drops below 100 kbps.
Which two configuration parameters must be set to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Set a traffic SNMP trap on the JATP appliance
B. Set a logging notification on the JATP appliance
C. Set a general triggered notification on the JATP appliance
D. Set a traffic system alert on the JATP appliance
Answer: BD

3.You have configured static NAT for a webserver in your DMZ. Both internal and external users can reach the webserver using the webserver’s IP address. However, only internal users can reach the webserver using the webserver’s DNS name. When external users attempt to reach the webserver using the webserver’s DNS name, an error message is received.
Which action would solve this problem?
A. Disable Web filtering
B. Use DNS doctoring
C. Modify the security policy
D. Use destination NAT instead of static NAT
Answer: B

4.Which interface family is required for Layer 2 transparent mode on SRX Series devices?
B. Ethernet switching
C. inet
Answer: B

5.You have configured three logical tunnel interfaces in a tenant system on an SRX1500 device. When committing the configuration, the commit fails.
In this scenario, what would cause this problem?
A. There is no GRE tunnel between the tenant system and master system allowing SSH traffic
B. There is no VPLS switch on the tenant system containing a peer It-0/0/0 interface
C. The SRX1500 device does not support more than two logical interfaces per tenant system
D. The SRX1500 device requires a tunnel PIC to allow for logical tunnel interfaces
Answer: B

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