Juniper JNCDS-SP JN0-1361 Practice Test Questions - Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP)

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Want to pass JN0-1361 Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP) exam? After using detailed Juniper JNCDS-SP JN0-1361 Practice Test Questions, you will be able to clear your concept before entering in the real exam. Make sure that you are using all the Juniper JNCDS-SP JN0-1361 Practice Test Questions that will allow you to improve the preparation level before attempting a real exam.Once you have gone through all the Juniper JNCDS-SP JN0-1361 Practice Test Questions provided by PassQuestion, you will be able to clear Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP) exam on your first attempt.

Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP)

Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) Design Track allows participants to demonstrate competence with Juniper Networks design principles and associated technologies. Successful candidates demonstrate a thorough understanding of best practices, theory, and design principles for the network. JN0-1361 exam verifies the candidate's understanding of service provider design principles. Juniper Design, Associate (JNCDA) JN0-1102 exam is the pre-requisite examination for Juniper Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP).

JN0-1361 exam is designed for networking professionals and designers with intermediate knowledge of service provider design, theory, and best practices. This exam is targeted specifically for those who have a solid understanding of operation and configuration and are looking to enhance their skill sets by learning the principles of WAN design.

Exam Details

Exam code: JN0-1361
Written exam
Administered by Pearson VUE
Exam length: 90 minutes
Exam type: 65 multiple-choice questions
Pass/fail status is available immediately

Exam Objectives

WAN Connectivity
Network Availability & Traffic Prioritization
Service Provider Core WAN Design
Service Provider Edge WAN Design
Enterprise WAN
Data Center WAN
WAN Security
WAN Management
SDN in the WAN

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You are creating a design proposal for a new service provider network using MX Series devices. You must design an OoB management network that is isolated from the production network.
In this scenario which two statements are correct? (Choose two )
A.The management network should connect to a separate network infrastructure.
B.The FXPO interface can be used to connect devices to the management network.
C.The management network should connect to the production network infrastructure.
D.You must use the console port to access the devices on the management network.
Answer : A, B

MPLS services are being delivered from provider edge (PE) routers Each PE is connected to multiple customer edge (CE) routers.
What should you use on the PE to isolate customer routes?
A.VPN routing and forwarding tables
B.access control lists
C.external BGP
D.port access control lists
Answer : A

Your customer connects to their service providers using fiber-based Ethernet connections in a shared collocation room. The customer has expressed concerns about wire tapping and man-in-the-middle attacks, and has asked for your design recommendation to minimize such attacks.
Which service addresses the customer's concern?
A.802 1x
D.802 3ad
Answer : B

Which technology allows a router to continue to forward packets even if the routing protocol adjacencies go down?
A.nonstop bridging
B.nonstop routing
C.graceful restart
D.graceful Routing Engine switchover
Answer : C

You are designing several MPLS virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instances on all provider edge (PE) routers. Routes within each VRF should be exchanged between all PE routers provisioned for that VRF.
For each VRF routing instance which two attributes must match on all related PE routers? (Choose two )
B.instance type
C.VRF target
D.router ID
Answer : B, C

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