JN0-422 Practice Test Questions - Automation and DevOps, Specialist (JNCIS-DevOps)

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Are you preparing for your JN0-422 Automation and DevOps, Specialist (JNCIS-DevOps) Exam? PassQuestion provides the latest JN0-422 Practice Test Questions according to the real exam. By using JN0-422 Practice Test Questions, you will be able to understand the real exam scenario. It will help you get real questions and verified answers and you will be able to improve your preparation level for the JNCIS-DevOps Certification JN0-422 exam. Once you have gone through all the JN0-422 Practice Test Questions, you will be able to clear Juniper JN0-422 exam on your first attempt. It is the right way to attempt a real exam so you can achieve the best results.

JN0-422 Exam Details - Automation and DevOps, Specialist (JNCIS-DevOps)

The Automation and DevOps Track track enables you to demonstrate competency in common scripting languages and tools for automating device and network functions. JNCIS-DevOps, the specialist-level certification in this track, is designed for networking professionals with intermediate knowledge of automation tools and best practices. The written exam verifies your understanding of the application of scripting tools such as PyEZ, Python, and Ansible to Junos devices and networks.

JN0-422 Exam Information

Exam Code: JN0-422
Exam Length: 90 minutes
Exam Type: 65 multiple-choice questions
Prerequisite Certification: JNCIA-DevOps
Delivered by: Pearson VUE
Software Versions:  Software Release: 21.3

JN0-422 Exam Topics

Platform Automation Overview
Data Serialization and Templating
Automation Frameworks
Junos Automation Scripts

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1. What does gRPC use for data serialization?
C.protocol buffers
Answer: C
2. You have created an on-box script and want to deploy it on your device. You plan to place it in a directory where the Junson OS can execute it.
Which two privilege levels would be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
Answer: AD
3. Which three actions are available with the Junos Ansible module? (Choose three.)
A.Upgrade the version of the Junos OS.
B.Install a guest service to run on the Junos OS.
C.Rollback to a previous configuration.
D.Adjust routing metrics without a commit.
E. Load a new candidate configuration.
Answer: ACE
4. What is a benefit of Junos SNMP scripts?
A.SNMP scripts allow the Junos OS to generate custom SNMP trap messages which are populated by data retrieved from the XML API.
B.SNMP scripts allow for customization of the Junos OS using SNMP policies based on various events generated by Junos daemons.
C.SNMP scripts are staged on third-party network management systems and use PyEZ to customize the Junos OS, based on different SNMP trap messages.
D.SNMP scripts allow the Junos OS to respond to SNMP GET messages that are not supported by default with custom values retrieved from the XML API.
Answer: D
5. Which Junos feature is supported by ephemeral DBs (fast programmatic configurations)?
A.interface range
B.syntax checking
C.commit script
D.daemon checking
Answer: B
6. You are using YANG to add a custom operational mode command to the Junos CLI. Which two steps are required in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A.Create a YANG model describing the command's syntax.
B.Create a XML schema describing the command's XML output.
C.Create a Ruby translation script to transform a native RPC output into the desired format.
D.Create a Python action script to perform the command's desired action.
Answer: AD
7. What is the correct syntax to define a device using a PyEZ connection to a Junos device?
A.dev = JunosDevice(device='host01.example.com')
B.dev = Device(host='host01.example.com')
C.dev = Device(device_ip='')
D.dev = JunosDevice(device_ip='')
Answer: B
8. Which two off-box automation suites does the Junos OS support? (Choose two.)
A.Microsoft Migration Automation Toolkit
B.Puppet Automation Toolkit
C.Tintri Automation Toolkit
D.Chef Development Kit
Answer: BD
9. You want to push a configuration onto a Junos device without using NETCONF. Which two will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
Answer: AC
10. What are two JSON data structures? (Choose two.)
Answer: BD

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