ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager ISO-31000-CLA Exam Questions

  Edina  03-28-2023

To help candidates best prepare for ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager exam, PassQuestion provides the latest ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager ISO-31000-CLA Exam Questions to help individuals pass their certification exam with ease. The ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager ISO-31000-CLA Exam Questions offered by PassQuestion are designed to help professionals prepare for the certification exam and improve their understanding of the standard. By taking the ISO-31000-CLA Exam Questions, individuals can identify their strengths and weaknesses in risk management and increase their chances of passing the exam. 

ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager (ISO-31000-CLA)

ISO 31000 is an international standard for Risk Management that provides a set of principles, a Risk Management framework and process, which help organizations take a proactive approach to risks that they face. ISO 31000 helps organizations to develop, implement and continuously improve a framework that aims to integrate Risk Management strategies into the overall organizational processes including decision-making.  The Risk Management process involves following five steps that identify circumstances, detect risk-associated hazards, assess and determine the risk, control evaluated risks and review the impact of the risks.

This international standard is important if you are interested in providing yourself with comprehensive guidelines that will help your organization strengthen its indecision-making process and overall management.  ISO 31000 is intended to simplify the task of governing complex situations that require crucial decisions to be made towards a structured approach of identifying and judging risks.

ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager Exam Details

ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager
Exam Code: ISO-31000-CLA
Number of Questions: 100 Multiple Choice Questions
Duration: 2 hours (120 Minutes)
Passing Score: 70%

ISO-31000-CLA Exam Topics

Module 1 - Foundation
Module 2 -ISO Risk Based Thinking
Module 3 -Risk Concepts And Definitions
Module 4 - ISO 31000:2018 Simplified
Module 5 -Risk Management Principles
Module 6 -Framework For Managing Risk
Module 7 -Risk Management Process
Module 8 -Risk Assessment Tools And Techniques
Module 9 -ISO 31000:2009 Enhanced Risk Management

View Online ISO 31000 - Certified Lead Risk Manager ISO-31000-CLA Free Questions

1. Which management is core to governance and compliance?
Answer: A

2. ISO uses the concept of uncertainty as the driver and rationale for risk management.
Answer: A

3. Which of the following is an important aspect with stakeholders, customers, and interested parties is the essential element for maintaining the relevance of enhanced risk management within the structure of a changing context?
D.Session Storming
Answer: B

4. A train has crashed and is badly damaged. There have been numerous claims from injured passengers as well as a loss of revenue for the train operator. This is an example of
A.risk aggregation.
B.risk categorisation.
C.risk probability.
D.risk severity.
Answer: A

5. Which two of the following are types Integrated Processes? (Choose two)
A.People processes
B.Soft processes
C.Hard process
D.Quality analysis
Answer: A, C

6. What is a primary benefit of a commercial customer self-insuring a risk?
A.Claims costs will reduce
B.Controllability of risk will increase
C.Its short-term cash-flow position is likely to improve.
D.Staff training requirements will decrease.
Answer: C

7. Which of the following ensures that uncertainty is managed so the organization can meet its objectives?
A.Extended risk management
B.Enhanced risk management
C.Evasive risk management
D.Avoidance risk management
Answer: B

8. Which management ensures that value is created by identifying opportunities for investment, mergers, or acquisition.
Answer: A

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