Huawei HCIA-WLAN H12-311 Training Materials

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Huawei H12-311 exam is a famous exam that will open new opportunities for you in a professional career.Passquestion is here to help you in preparation for H12-311 HCIA-WLAN Exam. These HCIA-WLAN H12-311 Training Materials have in the detailed analysis of the topics.After preparing from Passquestion HCIA-WLAN H12-311 Training Materials you can easily pass HCIA-WLAN Certification H12-311 exam at the very first attempt. 

H12-311 HCIA-WLAN Exam Content

HCIA-WLAN certification validates the knowledge and skills required for basic configuration and maintenance of small and medium-sized WLANs.The HCIA-WLAN V2.0 exam cover WLAN Basis and principle, Huawei WLAN product introduction and configuration, Fat AP and Fit AP architecture, WLAN Networking Introduction, Huawei WLAN product features and access security configuration, WLAN network planning  and troubleshooting and so on.

H12-311 HCIA-WLAN Knowledge points

1).WLAN Historical , WLAN Standards Bodies, WLAN RF Principles, WLAN Frequency Bands
2).Huawei WLAN Product, VRP Introduction and Basic Configuration, The basic operation of the AC
3).WLAN Topologies, 802.11 Protocol, 802.11 Physical Layer Technology, CAPWAP Fundamentals, WLAN Networking and Configuration
4).Huawei WLAN Product Features Introduction, WLAN Roaming, WLAN Security Introduction, WLAN Access Security and Configuration Introduction
5).802.11 MAC Layer Introduction, 802.11 Media Access Control, Antenna
6).WLAN Basic Network Planning Introduction, WLAN Planning Scheme and Typical Cases Introduction, Huawei WLAN Planner
7).eSight Function and Wizard Configuration Introduction, WLAN Troubleshooting

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1. After the wireless user connects to the wireless signal point, the IP address cannot be obtained. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple Choice)
A. The DHCP server is not configured in the VLAN where the user is located.
B. The wrong service vlan is configured.
C. User specified authentication password is incorrect
D. The MAC address of the user device has been blacklisted.
Answer: AB

2. Which of the following AP modes does not belong to WDS network?
A. Root AP
B. Middle AP
C. Bridge AP
D. Leaf AP
Answer: C

3. Which of the following are the Huawei AC load balancing judgment method? (Multiple Choice)
A. Traffic mode
B. Virtual switching method
C. AP power consumption mode
D. Session mode
Answer: AD

4. When wireless network engineers are planning for WLAN networks, what is the purpose of using RF emulation? (Multiple Choice)
A. Simulate signal coverage and find blind spots
B. Obtaining the distribution of field strengths at different locations
C. Obtaining the current signal to noise ratio at different locations
D. Get the available bandwidth at different locations
Answer: ABC

5. What is the range of working frequency specified by China in the 2.4 GHz band?
A. 2.4 GHz-2.4835 GHz
B. 2.471 GHz-2.497 GHz
C. 2.4465 GHz-2.4835 GHz
D. 2.445 GHz-2.475 GHz
Answer: A

6. In the Fit AP network, which of the following authentication methods does not require AC to participate during the authentication process?
A. Shared key authentication
B. 802.1X authentication
C. PSK authentication
D. Portal authentication
Answer: A

7. Which of the following standards can support both the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band?
A. 802.11a
B. 802.11b
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11n
E. 802.11
F. 802.11ac
Answer: D

8. For dBm, dB, dBi, which of the following descriptions are correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. dBm: characterizing the absolute value of power
B. dBi and dBd: characterizing the relative value of the gain
C. dB: characterizing the relative value of power
D. If A antenna is 12dBi and B antenna is 14dBi, it can be said that A is 2dBi smaller than B.
Answer: ABC

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